Preseason Bracketology: 11.02.09

Posted by zhayes9 on November 2nd, 2009


Zach Hayes is RTC’s resident bracketologist.  He’ll regularly be out-scooping, out-thinking and out-shining Lunardi over the course of the season.

Last Four In: Florida State, Creighton, Xavier, Florida

Last Four Out: Texas A&M, Notre Dame, San Diego State, Wisconsin

Next Four Out: Miami (FL), Missouri, Illinois State, Utah State

Multiple bids per conference: Big East (8), ACC (7), SEC (7), Big Ten (6), Big 12 (5), Pac-10 (3), Atlantic 10 (2), Conference USA (2), Missouri Valley (2).

Automatic bids: Boston University, Dayton, North Carolina, Jacksonville, West Virginia, Kansas, Weber State, Radford, Purdue, Long Beach State, Old Dominion, Tulsa, Butler, Cornell, Siena, Morgan State, Akron, Northern Iowa, BYU, Mount St. Mary’s, Morehead State, California, Holy Cross, Kentucky, College of Charleston, Sam Houston State, Oakland, Western Kentucky, Jackson State, Nevada, Gonzaga.

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11 responses to “Preseason Bracketology: 11.02.09”

  1. Chadnudj says:

    Not to discount you too much, but you only have 6 teams in the bracket from the Big Ten, not 7. If you get Wisconsin in from your last 4 out, I suppose you get 7….

    That being said, this is the year Northwestern finally goes dancing….GO CATS!

  2. Patrick says:

    Way to pick all the one seeds in the Final Four, should I call you Dickie V?

  3. zhayes9 says:

    Four best teams. That’s why I have them as preseason #1’s.

  4. AG2 says:

    I cannot in good conscience agree with Butler being a 3 seed.

  5. RTC has 7 Big Ten teams in their initial bracket, not #Northwestern and not in last 8 out either.

  6. Brian says:

    I think Notre Dame makes the tournament, otherwise nice job as usual.

  7. Lee says:

    Zach, could you please, please explain to me how Minnesota loses to Old Dominion in the first round?

  8. zhayes9 says:

    Lee, c’mon brotha, you know we need some upsets!

    ODU is the top team in a solid conference with plenty of scoring/rebounding returning and the possible CAA POY in Gerald Lee. Minnesota…nobody on that team really jumps out at me. Tubby can coach, though.

    AG2- guarantee you Butler is a top-4 seed. GUARANTEE.

  9. Jack says:

    In my opinion, Kentucky is WAY overhyped. This is a team that didn’t even make the tournament last year and lost Jodi Meeks, who was their best player. It’s ridiculous to predict that this team will eventually be a number 1 seed and make it to the final four, because of some talented freshman recruits. Last I checked, young teams DO NOT cut down nets. Kentucky will be lucky to be a 2 seed coming into the tournament, I guarantee it.

  10. I think the the USU Aggies make the dance. They have the potential to win every game on their schedule this year (but they wont) because they don’t play any great teams.

    Weber State won’t be a 16 seed, they are looking pretty solid and the big sky is worth a 15.

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