Conference Survivor ’18


Conference Survivor ’18 is up and running. Here is where you can track your picks publicly all season long.

The Pac-12 and SEC games were completed in Week 4. Those players (listed below) will each receive 100 points toward the grand prize. Those with three winning weeks will get 75, two winning weeks 50, etc. The ACC game was completed in Week 7, with AirMail taking that prize. He earns 100 points toward the grand prize, with those in that league winning six weeks getting 86 points, five weeks 71 points, etc. The Big Ten has also completed, with DanSpears and eringgreen sharing that prize (87.5 points each for failing to pick a winner one week). The final week resulted in a large number of Big East and Big 12 winners.
This is how we finished:
  • Big East – 20*** survivors
  • Big 12 – 6**** survivors

Thanks to everyone who played this year. Our grand prize goes to DANSPEARS, who successfully won the Big Ten and scored well enough in the ACC and Big East to push him over the top. The complete standings are below.


Welcome to Conference Survivor ’18!

A quick reminder recap on the Rules:

  • Pick ONE team in each of the conference #cbbsurvivor games in which you want to play each week for as long as you’re still alive.
  • You cannot choose teams that you have already chosen in previous weeks, and it is your responsibility to know which teams you’ve already used (but we will cross-check them at the end of the week).
  • If your team goes unbeaten in league play that week, you advance to next week (note: your team MUST play at least one CONFERENCE game; otherwise, you are eliminated).
  • If your team loses at least one CONFERENCE game, you are eliminated. (note: if every chosen team loses that week, everyone survives and advances to the next week)
  • If you attempt to use the same team twice in a conference season, or if your team does not play any CONFERENCE games that week, or if you miss a weekly deadline, you are eliminated.


  • There are 100 points available for each of the six conference survivor games, for a maximum total of 600 points. The Grand Prize winner will be the player with the most total points across the six games.
  • The points are allocated based on the length of the conference game. If, for example, a survivor wins a conference game after 5 weeks (5 accurate picks), that player will receive the full 100 points. If two runners-up in that conference game lasted four weeks (4 accurate picks), those players will receive 80 points (100 total points/5 weeks = 20 points/week). Players who lasted 3 weeks (3 accurate picks) receive 60 points, etc.
  • Note that scoring is ONLY allocated for winning weeks. More on this below.
  • There are likely to be weeks where all survivors in a conference game are eliminated. In those situations, all survivors who placed a valid but incorrect pick will advance to the next week of the contest. However, they will not receive scoring credit for that week.
  • The way this works in the scoring is as follows — if a conference game ultimately goes the full 10 weeks, it would typically be worth 100 points (10 points per winning week). But if one of those 10 weeks was a situation where there were no winning picks and all survivors advanced regardless, then that week is removed off the top of the total scoring allocation. The game then becomes a race to 90 points instead of 100 points. In a situation where the conference game still goes the full 10 weeks, the calculation is (90 total points/10 weeks = 9 points/week). And so forth.


  • The Grand Prize winner will receive semifinals/finals tickets to the conference tournament of his choice this season.
  • Runners-up #2-#5 will receive RTC t-shirts.

As always, reach out to @rushthecourt or with questions or concerns. Thanks for playing, and good luck!

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