Boom Goes the Dynamite: Regional Semifinals Day Two

Posted by nvr1983 on March 27th, 2009

dynamiteWe’ll be doing a full BGtD today so you won’t have any interruptions in coverage tonight. Honestly, last night’s games were kind of disappointing. PittsburghXavier was entertaining, but that was the only game that I would say was memorable from a pure basketball standpoint. Now the other games did have their own interesting subplots. UConn rolled over Purdue in a game that was close at points in the 2nd half, but I never really got the sense that the Huskies were in any danger of losing. I was particularly impressed with how the Huskies played despite the media circus that is going on around them. Missouri‘s victory over Memphis was entertaining although for me it was marred a little by the atrocious free throw shooting. As we mentioned last night, I really wonder what John Calipari does, if he does anything, for his team’s free throw shooting. At this point, I’m convinced J.J. Redick would have shot 70% from the free throw line if he had gone to Memphis. Also, what happened to vaunted Memphis defense. Missouri has a good offense, but they shouldn’t be able to hit triple digits in regulation against a team that went into the game with the #1 defense according to the Pomeroy numbers. I’m sure some of you took great pleasure in watching Villanova pick apart Duke leading to another early March exit for Coach K, but the game wasn’t exactly exciting if you didn’t have a rooting interest for (or in most people’s case against) a team.

The line-up for tonight should give us a couple of interesting games:

  • 7:07 PM: #12 Arizona vs. #1 Louisville
  • 7:27  PM: #3 Syracuse vs. #2 Oklahoma
  • 9:37 PM: #3 Kansas vs. #2 Michigan State
  • 9:57 PM: #4 Gonzaga vs. #1 UNC

We’ll be back around 7 for the start of tonight’s action. Leave your comments/questions and we’ll respond to them as soon as we start.

6:55 PM: A couple quick pieces of news to pass along in the midst of this Billy Gillispie madness and these somewhat important games tonight. Clemson‘s star forward Trevor Booker will return for his senior year. The news out of Iowa isn’t as good after Jake Kelly, Jeff Peterson, and David Palmer announced that they are transfering, which means that Todd Lickliter will need to replace 2 starting guards and a reserve forward.

7:10 PM: Chase Budinger makes a great play to temper Louisville’s great start. He’s going to need to have a great game tonight. If both teams use the press tonight, we’re going to get a blowout (and I think it will end up going in Louisville’s favor).

7:12 PM: I should warn you that I’m a big Chase Budinger fan so you’ve been warned. I haven’t seen a lot of him this year (stupid west coast starts), but I think he has the makings of a very solid NBA player.

7:14 PM: That’s not a good stat for Arizona. Only 6 Wildcats have scored in the NCAA tournament.

7:19 PM: Great play by Edgar Sosa feeding it to Preston Knowles. This pressure is going to kill Arizona if they only go 6 deep.

7:28 PM: I don’t think it will matter tonight, but I hope you paid attention to that FT statistic. Louisville shoots 63.8% as a team (307th out of 334 teams). That will come back to bite them. Just ask John Calipari. Actually he probably wouldn’t admit it because his team was just as bad last night. . .

7:30 PM: I think that any Blue Devil who mentions that they made the 1994 title game should put an asterisk by it on their resume saying that they rode Grant Hill‘s coattails there. If you don’t agree with me, see what happened the next year even if Coach K missed the last 2/3 of the season.

7:31 PM: It looks dead in Memphis. What do you guys think? I’m guessing it’s only 20% full. UNC fans must have bought up most of the stadium.

7:35 PM: Willie Warren is the most popular player in America for the next 40 minutes (unless we go to OT).

7:36 PM: Good calls by Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg. Poor job by Jonny Flynn on shielding for Eric Devendorf and Arinze Onuaku definitely got away with a push in the back against Blake Griffin.

7:45 PM: Horrible start by Syracuse. They’re lucky to just be down by 8 with 12:17 left. The only reason it is this close is because of a handful of careless Oklahoma turnovers. Jim Boeheim‘s squad looks awful right now.

7:50 PM: Louisville is running over Arizona right now. They are almost doubling up the Wildcats right now (40-21) with 3:29 left. . .If Syracuse can start hitting some shots, they should  win this game because the Sooners are doing a horrible job passing out of traps.

8:00 PM: Did any of these CBS people actually think Arizona had a chance? Louisville up huge at the half. Where’s Billy Packer when we need him? That one is over. I don’t need some crazy Bill James formula telling me that.

8:02 PM: Syracuse is doubling down on Blake Griffin each time Oklahoma even hints at throwing it into the post. Jeff Capel needs to take advantage of this by using Willie Warren or whoever is feeling it from the outside to be in the position to throw the entry pass. When Syracuse cheats off the perimeter player, take the 3.

8:05 PM: Great play by Taylor Griffin to strip Onuaku. Why is Austin Johnson (a 35% 3-point shooter) taking J.J. Redick-style 25-footers?

8:10 PM: It’s too bad that Longar Longar isn’t playing for the Sooners this year. Just imagine how many witty and witless puns the CBS guys would come up for him.

8:13 PM: Jonny, that’s why you don’t try to pick up a cheap charge by standing under the basket with a freight train coming at you.

8:15 PM: Not a fan of that timeout by Capel. Flynn was clearly in pain. Hold the ball, clear out an isolation on Flynn, and go right at him. Boeheim is too smart to let Flynn stay in. I guess he does get to use Blake Griffin for this last play, but I still don’t like it.

8:16 PM: And Tony Crocker bails Capel out by hitting a 3. See that’s what happens when you think, you look like an idiot. Let that be a lesson to all you kids out there.

8:25 PM: You know how Shaq always says he will make the free throws when they matter. Well I think Louisville is doing the opposite of that. They are 11/12 and are up by 27 early in the 2nd half. You know Rick Pitino is wishing he could save these free throws for a game later in the tournament.

8:40 PM: I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you rarely win when you go 0/10 from 3. You can forget the 5 Big East teams in the Elite 8 and the all-Big East Final 4. This is an embarrassing performance by Syracuse. They need to start cutting into the lead right away if they want to have a chance and prevent me from watching the Celtics-Hawks game.

8:55 PM: Josh, I was actually across the street at a bar after deciding that $200 to sit in the back of the arena was a little too much. Are you sticking around for the Elite 8 or did you sell your tickets and head back to Durham? I actually scored a pair of tickets for face value for tomorrow night.

9:00 PM: Good stuff Josh. I think I’m actually going to be at the front of the balcony. I couldn’t find anything better for a reasonable price. People were still asking $200 for Loge. I even tried to see if any of the fans of losing teams were looking to sell, but I didn’t find any takers.

9:02 PM: I LIVE MY LIFE A QUARTER MILE AT A TIME! Sorry. I just had to. I can’t wait until Vin Diesel and Paul Walker make some bad investments in their 60’s and come back to make a sequel based in Central Florida leaving their turn signal on the entire movie.

9:10 PM: 103-64. I don’t need to say anything else. You know we could very realistically have 4 Big East teams and 3 Big 12 teams in the Elite 8. If the Big 12 somehow manages to get more teams to Detroit than the Big East, will all the talking heads start saying that the Big 12 was the best conference this year?

9:14 PM: Who is that sitting behind the Griffins? Too much make-up, but . . .

9:18 PM: BS, I haven’t watched “The Wire” (on my Netflix list), but he does look very familiar.

9:19 PM: Syracuse has totally given up. Taylor Griffin got that board easily. It will be interesting to hear Boeheim’s post-game press conference. This team just gave up. The only who continued to compete was Jonny Flynn.

9:21 PM: Agreed on Griffin. Fortunately I don’t have that problem thanks to my single-digit vertical.

9:23 PM: I’m assuming that Jason Capel won’t be wearing an Oklahoma shirt even if he is rooting for them on Sunday (if UNC beats Gonzaga).

9:25 PM: It looks like Boeheim is going to pick up his 800th win against some Divsion 2 school next year. Does Clark Kellogg realize the coaches don’t get Olympic medals?

9:30 PM: Mercifully, the first set of games today are over. Hopefully the next set are better.

9:40 PM: Not the prettiest start to the game, but at least it’s close. That’s something, right?

9:45 PM: BS, I’m trying to be nice here, but yes you could call it ugly. UNC-Gonzaga is bound to be good, right?

9:49 PM: What was that Brady Morningstar? That 17-footer was about 4 feet short.

9:50 PM: Josh, I don’t mean to pick on you, but I think you said that you are a senior on Duke. What are you thoughts on basketball during your time at Duke? I am assuming you came in expecting more success. What are your fellow Duke fans saying today?

9:56 PM: For those of you who have been watching the game, Anthony Grant took the Alabama job for a reported $2 M/yr. We’ll have a post on the dominos that will fall as the result of this later tonight. What do you guys think this this decision will lead to?

10:00 PM: Are these new uniforms for Gonzaga? They look different.

10:05 PM: BS, that’s a possibility or it means that the Kentucky job is already taken. Grant committed to Alabama just a few hours after Gillispie was let go. It seems pretty clear that he was hoping for the Kentucky job, which is much higher profile (and money). You have to figure that Kentucky has somebody lined up. Don’t forget that Billy Donovan has changed his mind before.

10:10 PM: BS, I finished my undergrad days a few years ago. I just happen to live in Boston so I’ll be going to Pitt-Villanova tomorrow night. He was here for Duke.

10:12 PM: Kansas has opened up a 10-point lead following an 11-0 run. It looks like we might have 3 Big 12 teams in the Elite 8. . .

10:13 PM: “Blossoming kind of like a dog would”? Norman Chad is going to have fun with that one.

10:15 PM: If Gonzaga is going to play zone defense, why doesn’t Roy Williams just put Tyler Hansbrough on Austin Daye‘s side and watch Hansbrough eat the sophomore alive?

10:20 PM: UNC is starting to open up a lead after Wayne Ellington hits a 3 and gets an “and 1”. Seven different Tar Heels have already scored in the first ten minutes. Arizona had six players score in their first 2 games. The Wildcats had 9 score tonight thanks to some garbage time points.

10:25 PM: If Lawson is even 70%, UNC wins the title. It’s that simple. It’s amazing how quickly this became his team this year. He took the conch shell from Hansbrough pretty quickly.

10:30 PM: BS, I think Travis Ford would be a great hire. . .in 5 years. I don’t think he is ready for the job in Lexington yet. He would have a lot of goodwill coming from the fans, but that would die pretty quickly if he didn’t take a Jodie Meeks/Patrick Patterson to at least the Sweet 16 next year. Kentucky fans are pretty crazy and that’s a rough situation for an inexperienced coach (at the big-time level).

10:32 PM: Danger time for Gonzaga. Jeremy Pargo with 3 fouls and 7 minutes left in the 1st half. UNC is up by 13. They could stretch this to 20 in a blink of the eye.

10:35 PM: Josh, great post/comment. Yeah. Duke has had some bad luck with recruits although I’m not sure if those guys don’t become overrated in the high school rankings because Duke is pursuing them. The one thing about Duke this year is that they essentially had Greg Monroe locked up before he committed to Georgetown and he obviously would have been a huge addition to this Duke team. I’m not sure if they would have beaten Villanova, but they probably would have been a #1 seed with Monroe. A lot of the radio/podcast people are talking about how Coach K changed his recruiting strategy after the Elton Brand/Will Avery/Corey Maggette era and stopped going after those type of supremely talented athletes (with the exception of Gerald Henderson who was awful last night) for feat that he might only have them for 1 or 2 years. Instead, he went after a slightly lower caliber player who would stay for 4 years. Of course, Coach K’s whole committment to Team USA probably also had a detrimental effect on his recruiting too. There are a lot of potential explanations.

10:45 PM: Ugh, CBS is so far behind. Clark Kellogg just said that Grant interviewed at Alabama. He took the job! Way to be 3 hours behind Jeff Goodman.

10:47 PM: Nice job by Gonzaga cutting into this UNC lead. Mark Few has to be happy going into half trailing by just  11 with the way UNC started and Pargo sitting out the last 7 minutes. If they can keep the momentum and keep it around 8 with 12 minutes left we might have a solid finish.

10:50 PM: Agree on the Williams/Boozer/Dunleavy class. I was repeating what the radio/podcast people said (reading over my post it wasn’t clear). I was mainly talking about the 1 and dones like you were. I’m not sure how much Coach K gets out of saying he coached Team USA. I mean he is Coach K (with the AmEx commercials, etc.) that should be enough to woo recruits.

10:55 PM: It looks like we have a potentially great game brewing in Indianapolis. The Spartans have cut it to 1 just 3 minutes into the 2nd half.

10:57 PM: Josh, if I’m a 17-year old and I see a team with LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and Dwayne Wade (coming off the bench) I expect them to win. If anything it would be egg on the coach’s face if they didn’t win. I know it’s wrong, but I doubt a high school kid gives the coach of a team like that for winning. I could be wrong, but that’s just my interpretation (if I was 10 years younger and about 100x as talented on the court).

11:00 PM: BS, yeah I heard that on SportsCenter. I think I commented it at sometime in the past 2 days (not sure  where it is or if it is even on thes ite since I’ve been sending so many e-mails and talking to so many people), but I can’t see Bobby Knight taking over a huge program. I think he’s too old to handle the pressure and the media surrounding a program like that. I think Tom Izzo would be a great hire for Kentucky, but they’re going to have to offer him a lot of money to go there. One bonus for Izzo (even more than a guy like Rick Barnes who is also rumored as a candidate) is that Izzo has enough rep that even if he failed there is would be another big-name program that would take him in a heartbeat.

11:05 PM: That was awful defense by Kalin Lucas on that Sherron Collins drive that the CBS guys are fawning over. Just stand in there and take a charge. BS, basketball players aren’t always the brightest people on the planet. That’s my only explanation.

11:15 PM: UNC has opened up a 17-point lead just 1:48 into the 2nd half. Looks like we’ll be focusing on Indianapolis, but we’ll keep an eye on Memphis.

11:17 PM: And we’re tied with 9:36 to play. This should be a great finish.

11:20 PM: Maybe Len Elmore is operating on a higher intellectual plane than me (He’s a Harvard JD), but that last statement made no sense. Here’s what I heard (may not be word-for-word) “Call or no call. You gotta hold your position and play on. You gotta make the official call it.” Um, yeah.

11:21 PM: A bad pair of days for the nation’s top 2 defensive teams based on opponent’s field goal percentage. A day after Memphis got run out of the gym by Missouri, Gonzaga, which came into today allowing 36.9% FG (2nd in the nation to Memphis) is allowing the Tar Heels to shoot 61%.

11:27 PM: Huge shot by Tyrel Reed. The Jayhawks are up by 3 with 4:40 left. Cole Aldrich has been huge today (17 points and 13 rebounds). Bill Self is going to rely on Collins and Aldrigch down the stretch. What’s going on with the Kansas guys limping? Do they have voodoo dolls up in East Lansing?

11:30 PM: CBS probably won’t mention it, but Gonzaga has cut the lead to 11 with 12:27 left.

11:32 PM: Huge swing in Memphis. Bobby Frasor just hit two 3s in 26 seconds and Ellington got an “and 1” with the FT coming after the timeout. UNC up by 19 again. Wow. That was quick.

11:37 PM: UNC has 12 points on their last 4 possessions. Now, Ken Pomeroy hasn’t run the numbers, but that seems like it is fairly efficient.

11:38 PM: Tied at 60 with 91 seconds left. Our first classic game of the weekend?

11:39 PM: Awful play by Collins there. He went up in the air without a real option. He would have been better  off chucking it up at the rim and hoping that it would fall or Aldrich would be able to grab a rebound.

11:40 PM: Lucas just killed Collins there. Gus Johnson is loving this. Are we going to get another one of his YouTube classic calls? Mrs. Izzo doesn’t look too confident.

11:44 PM: Tyshawn Taylor tripped over his own feet. Tough call for the officials though. I think Raymar Morgan may have nicked Taylor’s leg just before he tripped over himself though.

11:46 PM: Bad foul by Travis Walton, Sherron Collins fails to hit the front end of the one-and-one. He is choking right now. Lucas is totally outplaying him in the last 2 minutes.

11:48 PM: That should do it. Michigan State is next on Louisville’s slaughter list. Just  an awful finish by Sherron Collins after a solid game (20 points on 9/13 FG).

11:50 PM: One spot is yet to be decided? When one team is up by 25 with 5 minutes left, it is already decided. And sorry to the Hansbrough fanboys, but Griffin is going to kill Hansbrough. Just enjoy the fact that UNC will be headed to Detroit next weekend. Blake’s next stop will be New York City for the NBA Draft Green Room.

12:02 PM: Two blowouts in Memphis. I’m afraid that we’re going to see something similar in the Elite 8 game too. As much as I hate to say it, this has been a very lackluster tournament so far. Hopefully they college basketball gods will repay with a great last 3 rounds.

12:10 PM: Ok. Well that wraps it up for tonight. It’s been fun interacting with you guys, but rtmsf will be running things for tomorrow’s today’s Elite 8 games. I’ll be at the East Regional (and probably some bar nearby before). If you’re in Boston and need advice on places to go, e-mail me at If you’re in Glendale, Indianapolis, or Memphis, good luck with that.

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29 responses to “Boom Goes the Dynamite: Regional Semifinals Day Two”

  1. Josh says:

    Wow ummm….this Oklahoma team looks like it could possibly take UNC.

    And yes, both these games are painful. (And before someone comments, i was at the Duke-Nova game yesterday, you don’t need to mock me for it. )

  2. Josh says:

    I’m still here for the E8. Flight back is Sunday and the great seats I had (160 for the 3 games in the loge 3 section is just ridiculous) meant i’d prefer to stay and root for Pittsburgh. Student tickets are awesome.

    Great great value.

  3. Josh says:

    Non Basketball related, Paul Walker will probably end up like you say but I doubt that about the Diesel. The dude’s got his own video game company which has made one steller game (riddick, escape from butcher bay) and is working on a sequel. Also the guy’s proven to be a brighter dude than you’d think.

    Walker will probably be in the Fast&Furious #60 though. Loser.

  4. I hope the 2nd wave of games is better than the first wave.

  5. I don’t know if you guys watch “THE WIRE” that HBO show set in Baltimore but remember the guy in I think season 4 who let all the drug dealers sell freely on that one block and took that kid in? He was the cop that ended up with that school program or something like that? I think Blake Griffin’s Dad looks just like him.

  6. Josh says:

    Mr Griffin needs to take better care of his head.

  7. Good grief. Why are Syracuse players insisting on allowing Blake Griffin to collide with them?

  8. Ugly is more like it. We’ve almost played 5-minutes and it’s 5-2! Eeeeek

  9. Josh says:

    Michigan state is playing at way too fast a pace for their liking. its resulted in dumb shots and turnovers and they’ve gotta stop that.

  10. I guess that means its likely that Donovan really is staying at Florida

  11. Are both of you guys in college? It sounds like Josh is at Duke.

  12. Ahhh so you think Grant was waiting it out in hopes for the UK job! That would be pretty interesting! In some ways I don’t see how they don’t wind up with Travis Ford. They’ve been talking about a lot of big names but I don’t see how some of those big names leave their current schools. As an IU alum I know how much of a circus it can be and if you are Sean Miller or Jay Wright or Jamie Dixon why leaves programs you can win a championship with for Kentucky? Looking in retrospect I’m somewhat surprised that Indiana wound up with Tom Crean. Donovan has changed his mind before but if they don’t bag Donovan I don’t see how it wouldn’t be Ford.

  13. Josh says:

    @Savant, I go to Duke, and I’m a senior there. As far as i know, the owners of this blog aren’t in a particular college at the moment.

    9:50 PM: Josh, I don’t mean to pick on you, but I think you said that you are a senior on Duke. What are you thoughts on basketball during your time at Duke? I am assuming you came in expecting more success. What are your fellow Duke fans saying today?

    —I’m the third child in my family to go to Duke….My Bro was the class of 02, which saw both the 99 Tourney final loss to UConn and the 01 Championship. My Sister saw the final four in 2004 where they lost to UConn. I was persuaded to go to Duke by my brother taking me to an NCAA Regional in Syracuse in 2005.

    So yes, I expected success on some level. When I came in, Duke had been to the S16 something like 9 or so times in a row. And I came in to a team that was ranked…well, #1 when I got there, with JJ and Sheldon in their senior years, and the #1 recruiting class coming in (Paulus, McRoberts, Boateng, Boykins, Pocius). UNC had just won it all the year before, but they had a mass exodus and the rest of the ACC wasn’t really supposed to be that great.

    I screamed and yelled when we lost to LSU and was absolutely stunned. The next year, the resulting year was sort of a bit of a shock for us….mind you , we knew it wouldn’t be great, but we expected at least 2nd round (though by the time the VCU game came along, we were not that confident about the game going in….it was obvious the team wasn’t as good as it should’ve been).

    The next year, Singler and the new high flying Offense looked like it was going to return us to at least the S16, and we though Xavier would’ve been a good matchup for us that might let us hit the E8. Obviously, a failure.

    This year, the S16 loss is really disappointed again. and what’s sad is that our class isn’t as shellshocked about it as we would’ve been. The year before us, a class graduated for the first time since 98 to not see a duke team make the final four. Our year hasn’t even seen Duke win at Cameron vs UNC (2-6 overall, 0-4 at Cameron). We’re just stunned yet not stunned since we’ve seen it before.

    The cause of this has been 1 really bad recruiting class (The Paulus class) and several players not living up to their potentials (Lance Thomas for example, was supposedly a massive cherry on the top for that class that would help us replace sheldon williams and he’s been terrible.)

    It’s just, an awful awful feeling. I don’t know exactly how to describe it. (Incidentally, this is another reason why duke fans are overreacting to typical duke hating….this is a really bad time right now.)

    IF Henderson comes back, and Duke gets Harrison Barnes to commit in 2010, we can right the ship. But its an annoyingly large IF.

  14. I agree with you on Ford. If both Patterson and Meeks come back next season you’d think they’d have a pretty good shot at a Sweet 16 even with Ford as the coach.

  15. Us IU homers are hoping Harrison Barnes dons the candy striped pants.

  16. Josh says:

    IU meaning indiana? Or Iowa?

  17. Josh says:

    I don’t think K switched his recruiting strategy at all… Mind you after Elton Brand/Will Avery/Corey Maggette left, the next recruiting class had some dudes named williams, dunleavy and boozer.

    I do think there’s some dislike of 1 and done players by K….the word is that John Wall was between Memphis and Duke, and memphis has come ahead for sure lately….the reason for this is simple. Duke hasn’t officially offered him. K wants to speak to Wall in order to ensure he’ll get a full commitment he wants out of Wall, but this hasn’t happened and thus Memphis has easily pulled ahead.

    Last thing i don’t think Team USA hurt; rather i think it will probably help if anything. While K was away the assistant coaches were still recruiting as usual and in the long run, the Team USA edge will only help i’d think.

  18. Josh says:

    Savant, the reason i asked is because Barnes is from Iowa and thus Both Iowa and ISU are technically on his list. Not seriously i don’t think, but they’re on there.

  19. Josh says:

    Well the thing is that theoretically if a coach (like K) starts having a few bad years in a row, they lose prominence and it could start a spiral that turns the program into a lesser recruiting power.

    With the win with Team USA, K can point to that to recruits who wonder if K is still all that and if its really worth playing for him. I don’t think it can hurt.

  20. What do you think about Izzo to Kentucky? Michigan State is a pretty awesome program but it’s not on Kentucky’s level and Izzo has grumbled in the past that he hasn’t felt as appreciated in East Lansing as he would be at a more basketball crazy school. There has been talk of him possible defecting to Arizona but I’d think Kentucky has a more prestigious program.

    Plus one of the minor stories around Indiana when Crean was hired was his close relationship with Izzo and how they’d prefer not to coach against each other in the same conference. Obviously Crean had to take the Indiana job when it came calling, but if Kentucky coudn’t get Donovan and they need a CEO type of guy, I can’t imagine Izzo not feeling appreciated by UK Nation if Izzo brought the kind of success people think he could bring.

    By the way, did you hear Vitale earlier today talking about how Bob Knight should coach Kentucky for 4-5 years and bring in Travis Ford as an assistant and then hand over the reigns to Ford. Another way for RMK to shove the knife in us IU fans just a little more! Of course, we are talking Vitale here.

  21. Why doesn’t Suton just take Aldrich outside every single time?

  22. BUT BUT Kalin Lucas is the Big 10 POY!

  23. Can Michigan State actually win this game with having almost ZERO contribution from Raymar Morgan!? That seems incredible! He’s got 2 points and 1 rebound and has yet to make a shot.

  24. when that syracuse fan wipes the ranch dressing off the stache of that Georgetown’s fan, it gives me the creeps! They could have left that part out. It’s sort of a neat idea for the commerical but the guy who suggested that should be fired immediately.

  25. I just became more impressed with Tom Izzo.

    Raymar Morgan just showed up!

  26. Back to back bad plays by Collins

  27. OH WOW! Collins gagged at the most important time of the year!

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