The RTC Podcast: National Championship Edition

Posted by rtmsf on April 7th, 2014

It’s here. For the better part of five months, teams around the country have worked their tails off to prepare for and compete in the NCAA Tournament. Sixty-eight hopefuls were invited three weeks ago; only two remain standing today. It’s all about getting a chance to play on Monday night, and Kentucky and Connecticut, two of the top basketball programs in America for decades running, have earned the right to compete on that stage. In this week’s RTC Podcast, the guys reflect on the Final Four games — what went right, what went wrong — for each of the four teams, take an aside to investigate the final outcome of #cheerfortheears, and break down the National Championship that will played in Arlington, Texas, later tonight. It’s a long but worthwhile listen this week, and we hope, as always, that you’ll join us.

  • 0:00-15:17 – Kentucky Wins Another Thriller
  • 15:17-28:53 – UConn Hands Florida Another Loss
  • 28:53-32:40 – #CheerForTheEars
  • 32:40-37:42 – Postgame Reactions From the Winners And Losers
  • 37:42-46:23 – What a Win Means For Each Program’s History
  • 46:23-1:07:51 – Championship Game Preview
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The RTC Podcast: Final Four Preview Edition

Posted by rtmsf on April 3rd, 2014


This was a really fun RTC Podcast. In this, our Final Four Preview Edition, the guys spend the first half of the show revisiting many of our takes from the preseason and throughout the season on each of the Final Four teams: Florida, UConn, Wisconsin and Kentucky. It’s compelling stuff, both in how spot on we could be about these teams at certain points of the season, and how off we could also be at others. We then broke down the two upcoming games Saturday and revisited the #cheerfortheears meme, the reward of which will be collected on Friday night in the great city of Dallas. The full rundown is below. Join us!


Four Teams Remain

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  • 0:00-8:48 – Trip Down Memory Lane: Florida
  • 8:48-17:45 – Trip Down Memory Lane: UConn
  • 17:45-24:36 – Trip Down Memory Lane: Wisconsin
  • 24:36-36:13 – Trip Down Memory Lane: Kentucky
  • 36:13-39:00 – Reflecting on the Archive Carnage
  • 39:00-44:57 – UConn vs. Florida Preview
  • 44:57-50:30 – Wisconsin vs. Kentucky Preview
  • 50:30-52:26 – #CheerForTheEars
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The RTC Podcast: From 68 to Four Edition

Posted by rtmsf on April 1st, 2014

We’re down to four teams left standing en route to the 2014 Final Four. But before we start breaking down those games and everything else associated with what should be a fantastic weekend in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the guys take the time to review the four games that comprised a gripping Elite Eight. On this week’s RTC Podcast, we break down Wisconsin, Florida, Connecticut and Kentucky’s wins, focusing on the things they’re doing well and some of the key storylines surrounding each game that sent them to the ultimate dance party.

The full rundown is below. Be sure to add the podcast to your lineup on iTunes so that you’ll get all of our ongoing coverage throughout the NCAA Tournament.

  • 0:00-12:37 – Wisconsin Earns Bo Ryan His First Final Four
  • 12:37-18:18 – Florida’s Seniors Finally Get Their Final Four Trip
  • 18:18-23:32 – UConn Rides Shabazz and Home Crowd Past Michigan State
  • 23:32-30:18 – Kentucky More Than Just Flipping the Switch
  • 30:18-34:03 – Best Games of the Weekend
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The RTC Podcast: Sweet Sixteen Preview Edition

Posted by rtmsf on March 26th, 2014

Happy Sweet Sixteen, everybody. We hope that you’ve had some time to rest up from a crazy opening weekend and are starting to digest the match-ups heading our way on Thursday and Friday nights. These eight games look to be outstanding in different ways, both storyline and basketball, and to get you ready for this the Sweet Sixteen, the RTC Podcast crew invited all four of our regional correspondents back to break down each region in a bite-sized segment of this week’s edition. We welcome back Brian Otskey (East), Bennet Hayes (South), Walker Carey (Midwest) and Drew Murawa (West) to discuss what to watch for with this week’s games. There might even be some predictions. We’ll try to do an Elite Eight preview edition that will drop on Friday night/Saturday morning, so keep an eye out for that. This edition’s full rundown is below.

  • 0:00-3:54 – Louisville-Kentucky Headlines Super Sweet Sixteen Schedule
  • 3:54-8:09 – Other Sweet Sixteen Highlights
  • 8:09-20:04 – Previewing Midwest Region with Walker Carey
  • 20:04-36:17 – Previewing South Region with Bennet Hayes
  • 36:17-48:03 – Previewing West Region with Andrew Murawa
  • 48:03-59:40 – Previewing East Region with Brian Otskey
  • 59:40-1:09:33 Revised Final Four Picks
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The RTC Podcast: NCAA First Weekend Review Edition

Posted by rtmsf on March 25th, 2014

It was a whirlwind of a four-day weekend, but the guys survived along with 16 schools still vying for a national championship, and found some time on Monday evening to review the weekend’s events. From Iowa State and North Carolina trading punches in an instant classic to Wichita State and Kentucky doing same, and everything else in between, Shane Connolly (@sconnolly114) walks us through all of the best action from over the weekend. Keep in mind that on Wednesday we will release our Sweet Sixteen preview pod featuring our correspondents who will be reporting from each of the four sites this weekend. The full rundown is below.

Be sure to add the podcast to your lineup on iTunes so that you’ll get all of our ongoing coverage throughout the NCAA Tournament.

  • 0:00-8:39 – Iowa State Comes Up With Crazy Win Over North Carolina
  • 8:39-13:07 – Baylor Brings Doug McDermott’s Career to a Premature End
  • 13:07-13:50 – Less Than Exciting Orlando Games
  • 13:50-21:34 – Kentucky Hands Wichita Its First Loss
  • 21:34-28:50 – Wiggins and Kansas Go Out With a Whimper
  • 28:50-31:26 – Dayton Downs Syracuse
  • 31:26-34:40 – UConn Beats Former Conference Foe Villanova And What It Means for Both Conferences
  • 34:40-36:14 – Top Teams Cruise
  • 36:14-39:15 – Tennessee “Cinderella” Run as a Double Digit Seed
  • 39:15-45:48 – Best Moments of the First Weekend
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The RTC Podcast: Upset Weekend Edition

Posted by rtmsf on March 4th, 2014

What a crazy weekend of college basketball. After more than enough upsets and upheavals to shake your fist at, the RTC Podcast is here to attempt to make some sense of all the early March Madness. To help us navigate through some of the morass, we asked ESPN analyst Andy Katz to join us for this week’s Rush the Take, and he was gracious enough to spend some time with us discussing the likes of Oklahoma State, the notion of talent vs. seed level, Cincinnati’s Mick Cronin, and what he’s looking forward to in terms of the bubble over the next week. It’s excellent stuff, and will more than get you ready for the week before Championship Week. Hosted by Shane Connolly, the guys also spend time talking over the miraculous ascent of Virginia, the equally miraculous descent of Kentucky, and everything in-between. Join us for a listen!

We’re going to be dropping podcasts/podblasts like crazy over the next five weeks of action, so make sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes so that you’ll get all of the episodes immediately downloaded to your listening device.

  • 0:00-7:39 – Virginia Sits Alone Atop the ACC
  • 7:39-9:38 – Upsets Abound This Weekend
  • 9:38-14:11 – Kentucky’s Season Spirals Downwards
  • 14:11-16:43 – Least Concerning Upsets
  • 16:43-20:43 – Most Encouraging Win
  • 20:43-28:16 – Rush The Take With ESPN’s Andy Katz
  • 28:16-31:58 – Future of Rushing the Court
  • 31:58-35:15 – Ranking New Mexico
  • 35:15-45:13 – Week Preview
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The RTC Podcast: Jim Boeheim Meme Edition

Posted by rtmsf on February 25th, 2014

One week until the first conference championship tips off (Patriot League), two weeks until Championship Week begins, and three weeks from Selection Sunday… it’s time to get serious about college basketball. Or something like that, which is probably why we spent the first 10 minutes of this week’s RTC Podcast talking about the inanity and insanity of Jim Boeheim, Jim Boeheim memes, and the magic of Tobacco Road. We also found time to discuss the sport’s most loved and hated players this season, what it means to “peak” at the right time, and preview our special NCAA Tournament Prognostication Top 25 (due out a bit later today). As always, Shane Connolly (@sconnolly114) hosts the proceedings. Have a listen.

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  • 0:00-12:26 – Questionable Call and Boeheim Freak Out Loses the Game (But Wins the Internet)
  • 12:25-16:15 – What’s Next for Syracuse
  • 16:15-20:28 – Big Weekend in the Big Ten
  • 20:28-22:21 – What It Means to Peak at the “Right Time”
  • 22:21-26:01 – Crucial Games in the American
  • 26:01-28:25 – Other Notables From a Busy Weekend
  • 28:25-32:50 – Concern Level for San Diego State
  • 32:50-33:21 – Brief Congratulatory Interlude for Kansas
  • 33:21-38:26 – Most Liked and Disliked Players in College Basketball
  • 38:26-45:07 – Previewing the NCAA Tournament Prognostication Top 25
  • 45:07-50:03 Week Preview/Wrap
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The RTC Podcast: Fried Gator Humble Pie Edition

Posted by rtmsf on February 18th, 2014

It’s a little hard to believe, but the regular season is slipping away from us. Some of the small conference tournaments begin in a mere two weeks, and a few teams are running out of time to make a positive impression on the NCAA Selection Committee. One team that has made quite the recent impression is Florida, which has parlayed a two-win week over SEC rivals Tennessee and Kentucky into a #2 national and RTC25 ranking. The guys discuss the ascent of the Gators, the descent of the Wildcats (both Kentucky and Arizona), and a good number of other things in this week’s RTC Podcast, hosted by Shane Connolly (@sconnolly114). We also welcomed in RTC national columnist Bennet Hayes (@hoopstraveler) as he pushes into week two of his #rushthetrip covering the western half of the country. He shares some stories from the road, riffs on his favorite venues, and talks about what he’s looking forward to (other than his own bed) as he finishes up things later this week.

Make sure to subscribe to the podcast/podblast on iTunes so that you’ll get all of the episodes immediately downloaded to your listening device.

  • 0:00-6:52 – Randy Eats Humble Pie on Florida
  • 6:52-11:06 – What a Home Loss Means for Kentucky
  • 11:09-16:54 – The Pac-12 Version of Struggling Wildcats
  • 16:54-18:02 – What the Win Over Arizona Means for Arizona State
  • 18:02-24:06 – WTF Sunday in the Big Ten
  • 24:06-27:00 – Other Weekend Notes
  • 27:00-40:37 – RTT: Bennet Hayes #rushthetrip
  • 40:37-45:19 – Rivalries Fit for a Documentary
  • 45:19-51:47 – Creighton Pounds Villanova… Again
  • 51:47-56:11 – This Week’s Preview
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The RTC Podcast: #cheerfortheears Edition

Posted by rtmsf on February 11th, 2014

The RTC Podcast is back in action, and there was plenty to talk about this week as unbeaten Wichita State got through its mathematically toughest set of games remaining on its schedule. Can the Shockers run the table? Is it time to #cheerfortheears? We brought on‘s Matt Norlander to discuss the bet and a bunch of other relevant things in this week’s podcast. The full rundown is below.

  • 0:00-6:00 – #CheerForTheEars Origin Story
  • 6:00-13:46 – Chances Wichita State Actually Goes Undefeated
  • 13:46-25:13 Marcus Smart Fall Out (you did drop another Markel Starks, but I deleted it haha)
  • 25:13-29:50 – Notable Games Around the Country
  • 29:50-32:55 – Overanalyzed Teams
  • 32:55-37:04 – Shaky Top of the Rankings
  • 37:04-46:17 – More Norlander Predictions
  • 46:17-53:58 – Week Preview
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The RTC Podcast: No Team is Safe Edition

Posted by rtmsf on February 4th, 2014

Another weekend down means another RTC Podcast. In this week’s edition, the guys were pleased to welcome Sports Illustrated columnist and all-around good guy, Luke Winn, who regaled us with stories about some of his favorite pieces over the past few years, a couple of teams that he believes might be overlooked according to the national polls, and his favorite graphic that he’s created in the always-entertaining and informative Power Rankings column. Aside from Luke’s visit, we also found time to run down what was a simply ridiculous weekend of college basketball — Super Saturday, instead — and examine the week’s most compelling upcoming games. As always, Shane Connolly (@sconnolly114) hosts the proceedings.

Make sure to subscribe to the podcast/podblast on iTunes so that you’ll get all of the episodes immediately downloaded to your listening device.

  • 0:00-5:51 – Arizona Loses In More Ways Than One
  • 5:51-12:34 – Duke-Syracuse Lives Up To The Hype
  • 12:34-20:42 – Slew of Other Top 10s Fall (And in OK St’s Case Fall Again)
  • 20:42-33:05 – Rush The Takes: Luke Winn
  • 33:05-37:32 – Kentucky Takes a Tumble in the Ranks
  • 37:32-41:55 – Randy Overrating Cincinnati???
  • 41:55-47:08 – Ohio State And Wisconsin – Someone Technically Won
  • 47:08-51:06 – Virginia Leaps Ahead of Pitt in ACC Power Rankings
  • 51:06-58:47 – Week Preview
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The RTC Podcast: Undefeated Chances Edition

Posted by rtmsf on January 28th, 2014

Welcome back to this week’s RTC Podcast. It wasn’t the best weekend of college basketball we’ve ever seen, but there were at least a few interesting games that led to some key takeaways for the guys as we reach the last gasp of January. Shane Connolly (@sconnolly114) hosts us as we walked through thoughts on the Big Ten, Big 12 and ACC races, take a look at some of the most underrated conferences this season, and discuss why Florida is so high in everyone’s polls (including the RTC25) and Louisville is so low. It’s a fun ramble, as always, and we hope you enjoy.

  • 0:00-8:53 – Michigan Proves Shane Wrong
  • 8:53-11:35 – Texas and Baylor Going in Opposite Directions
  • 11:35-15:56 – Bedlam Shows Power Shift in the Sooner State
  • 15:56-22:12 – Duke Lays Claim to #2 Spot in the ACC with Win at Pitt
  • 22:12-26:53 – A-10 and Underrated Conferences
  • 26:53-30:26 – Chances Arizona or Syracuse Can Go Undefeated?
  • 30:26-36:05 – Florida vs. Louisville in the Rankings
  • 36:05-45:13 – Week Preview/Wrap
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The RTC Podcast: Rankings vs. Resume Edition

Posted by rtmsf on January 22nd, 2014

We’re a bit later this week because of some issues involving Richard Sherman, MLK Day and a snowstorm named Janus (seriously?), we’re back with this week’s RTC Podcast. Of course, if you were already an iTunes subscriber, you would have already listened to the recording because it dropped much earlier on Wednesday over there. We highly suggest that you make it a part of your regular podcast rotation by subscribing on iTunes. What’s the worst that could happen?

In this week’s edition, hosted by the inimitable Shane Connolly (@sconnolly114), we forgo the Rush the Takes segment in favor of really digging into the key midseason question of distinguishing between a team’s ranking and a team’s resume. And never the twain shall meet. We go back and forth on this during a discussion of several teams, and as always, have a great time doing it. The full rundown is below.

  • 0:00-7:52 – Kansas and the End of the Big 12 Title Race
  • 7:52-18:22 – Fallout From Creighton’s Three-Point Shooting Clinic in Philly
  • 18:22-23:50 – Syracuse and Pitt Have a Classic Big East Battle (in the ACC)
  • 23:50-28:59 – #RootForTheSuit and #CheerForTheEars in the Rankings
  • 28:59-33:50 – Concern for Struggling Teams
  • 33:50-38:54 – You, Me and the AP (Florida)
  • 38:54-44:13 – You, Me and the AP (Louisville)
  • 44:13-47:33 – Week Preview
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