The RTC Podcast: Preseason Storylines Edition

Posted by rtmsf on October 24th, 2014

Three weeks until games start for real and it’s time to dig into the upcoming college basketball season. The RTC Podcast is back in earnest, with Shane Connolly (@sconnolly114) hosting, and the guys spend nearly an hour discussing the key storylines on teams, players and the game as a whole for the upcoming year. There’s also a brief introductory interlude on the shenanigans that went on in Chapel Hill for the better part of a generation, but the majority of this podcast puts that aside and looks forward. The complete rundown is below, so feel free to bounce around as needed to get the spots you’re most interested in, and make sure to listen toward the end to win a free RTC t-shirt if you can get the right answer to the question we posed. Over the coming weeks we’ll be releasing conference preview podblasts for each of the seven major leagues as well as the Other 26, so keep an ear out for those as well.

Also, if you’re new to the RTC Podcast or simply need to refresh your subscription on iTunes, don’t hesitate: every episode can be found here!

  • 0:00-9:40 – UNC Scandal: What It Means
  • 9:40-15:20 – The Biggest 2014-15 Storyline
  • 15:20-29:45 – Championship Level Tier
  • 29:45-37:35 – Teams Whose Postseason Performance is Affecting Their Preseason Projection
  • 37:35-39:32 – Best Conference Discussion
  • 39:32-44:15 – Players We’re Excited For
  • 44:15-53:27 – Preseason Picks We Want To Own/Wrap-up
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One response to “The RTC Podcast: Preseason Storylines Edition”

  1. James says:

    Almost seems like you all are trying to convince yourselves that Kentucky won’t be as good as advertised. Full disclosure, I am a UK fan (surpise!).

    I think this season looks an awful lot like the the 2011-12 title team:

    1) Lost 2 starters, including best player, but return core of a Final 4 team
    2) Team had struggles in the previous year, but pulled together late and made a deep tourney run
    3) Cal gets infusion of new talent (albeit no Anthony Davis type player) to go along with experience

    Not to mention this will be the deepest team in Cal’s tenure. If you wanted to say that you are concerned about playing time, keeping everyone happy, etc., maybe. But to suggest the guys just aren’t that good and got lucky in the previous season is just wrong, in my opinion.

    Overall, enjoyed the podcast. Keep up the good work.

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