2010-11 RTC Season Preview: Complete Overview

Posted by nvr1983 on November 9th, 2010

Some of you may have noticed that we at RTC have been pretty busy getting lately. For those of you who have been keeping up to date on everything happening at RTC we would like to thank you. For those slackers who like to procrastinate in getting ready for the season (and you know who you are), we have put together this not-so-brief but comprehensive guide to get you ready for the season.

The RTC Top 25: Hard to pick against Duke this year, as all five of our voters were in agreement that Coach K’s Blue Devils are the team to beat.

Tweeting the Preview: Those of you who follow us on Twitter (@rushthecourt) are familiar with this feature, but for the past two weeks we have been Tweeting our rankings counting down every single Division I team in reverse order.

Preseason Bracketology: In conjunction with our run-down of the top 345 teams in Division 1 we also bring you the first of many installments of RTC Bracketology. [Ed. Note: If the seed doesn’t correlate with rankings just remember that just because a team has a higher seed doesn’t mean that they are better just that they have a better resume.]

RTC Conference Primers: Our countdown of every conference in Division I basketball with a breakdown of each (top players, teams, and what to watch for).

  1. Big 10
  2. Big East
  3. Big 12
  4. ACC
  5. SEC
  6. Pac-10
  7. Atlantic 10
  8. Mountain West
  9. Conference USA
  10. Missouri Valley
  11. Colonial
  12. WCC
  13. Horizon
  14. WAC
  15. MAAC
  16. Southern
  17. Big West
  18. Big Sky
  19. MAC
  20. OVC
  21. Sun Belt
  22. Atlantic Sun
  23. Southland
  24. Ivy
  25. America East
  26. Summit
  27. Northeast
  28. Patriot
  29. Big South
  30. MEAC
  31. SWAC

Where 2010-11 Happens: Our countdown of 30 things (via YouTube) to get us even more pumped up for the upcoming season.

  • It’s easiest to view all thirty clips in one place here.  And if you’re not excited about the season after watching that, well, you probably need to stick with arguing about the BCS.

Big Names: Here are the players that you should definitely know about before the season starts unless you want to seem clueless when March Madness rolls around.

Big Games: Our resident bracketologist and analyst, Zach Hayes, has taken a look at the schedule of every single team across the country and highlighted the games you should definitely make time for this year.

20 At The Top: Zach also breaks down the top 20 players in each of the major conferences.

Class Schedules: And here is an analysis of the schedules for some of the top teams in the nation.

RTC Interview Series: Adding to our ongoing coverage of all things college basketball, we went directly to the source to talk to some of the most interesting and topical people we could find. This will be one of our ongoing features so be on the look out for more of these in the near future.

  • Dave Telep: An inside look at the scout extraordinaire who has taken his talents to ESPN. He offers some interesting insights into the recruiting process.
  • Lefty Driesell: A wide-ranging discussion with one of college basketball’s most colorful characters on the eve of Midnight Madness, which he created. Lefty discusses the origin of Midnight Madness, Len Elmore cheating, the problems of being a mid-major, and his thoughts on the death of Len Bias.
  • Brad Stevens: The head coach at Butler discusses the state of his program, his troubles getting over the heart-breaking loss to Duke in the national championship game, and what the future holds for him and the Bulldogs.
  • Arthur Agee: The star of Hoop Dreams, for our money one of the top 10 movies of all-time and the definite top sports movie of all-time, discusses the movie, its impact, how others from the movie are doing, and a foundation he has set up for helping kids to follow their dreams.
  • Abdul Gaddy: The Washington sophomore guard discusses dealing with the hype coming out of high school, struggling with failing to meet expectations, and his thoughts about the future.

Vegas Odds: An interesting academic look at what the odds-makers think about the upcoming season from both a conference and national perspective. As always, this is an academic discussion. Sports gambling is illegal in most states so we highly discourage it in those states.

Four/Five Teams: Our astute writers have looked through every Division I team and found a few that they think are particularly notable as the season gets underway.

Midnight Madness: It’s already gone, but if you missed it here is our recap.

Missing: These are the players that you won’t be seeing for part or all of this season.

Big Four State Tournament: Our look at what would happen if teams from the same state combined to form super-teams and played against other states.

Miscellaneous: For all the other important stuff that you should know about, but doesn’t fit into a nice little category.

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