Is Michael Gilchrist Waffling on His Commitment to Kentucky?

Posted by rtmsf on August 27th, 2010

Update: Coach Calipari must have taken our advice, as Gilchrist’s follow-up tweet later this evening said, “Just had a long talk to Coach Cal.. Ill be on campus next weekend.”  If Calipari knows one thing, he knows how to protect his assets.  That didn’t take very long at all.  Still, it doesn’t settle the issue of if or why Gilchrist wants to take three official visits.

Perhaps superstar recruit Mike Gilchrist is just playing with us on a late summer Friday evening, or perhaps he’s having some second thoughts about his early commitment to play his college ball at Kentucky.  Either way, the below tweet (now deleted), sent at around 9 pm ET tonight, is sure to set the recruiting world afire short of a strong statement to the contrary by the consensus top five player in the class of 2011.

Kyle Anderson, a star forward from North Bergen (St. Anthony’s), NJ, in the class of 2012, asked Gilchrist directly on Twitter whether he had de-committed from UK, to which Gilchrist responded with a simple “no.”  But there are hints that the rising senior may be having some cold feet, given the above quote referring to taking three official visits (we have to assume he’s not talking about Kentucky, Transylvania and Lexington Community College) in addition to some other chatter on his Twitter page about not leaving his mother by herself [presumably in New Jersey].

Paging Coach Calipari… coach John Calipari.  You may want to keep Gilchrist handy on your speed-dial.  Stay tuned on this one…

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2 responses to “Is Michael Gilchrist Waffling on His Commitment to Kentucky?”

  1. UKBrad says:

    I follow Gilchrist on Twitter, and I don’t see the above tweet anywhere on his page. However, it is not uncommon for a senior to want to take full advantage of the recruiting process – free trips to visit schools and all the toe tapping done by colleges. It would be fun to be highly sought-after. I think Gilchrist has made up his mind, though, that he will be wearing the Big Blue next season.

  2. Memhisfan says:

    Kentucky sucks and so does Cal. No Kanter! No Gilchrist. What goes around comes back around. Kentucky fans are the most ignorant fans in the world. GO TIGERS! Hoe to see you’ll next year….if uk makes the big dance.

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