Where 2015-16 Happens: Reason #20 We Love College Basketball

Posted by rtmsf on October 25th, 2015

Here we go… headfirst into another season heralded by our 2015-16 edition of Thirty Reasons We Love College Basketball, our annual compendium of YouTube clips from the previous season completely guaranteed to make you wish games were starting tonight rather than 30 days from now. Over the next month you’ll get one reason per day until we reach the new season on Friday, November 13. We’ve captured what we believe were the 30 most compelling moments from last season, some of which will bring back goosebumps and others of which will leave you shaking your head in astonishment. You can find all of this year’s released posts here.

#20 – Where Hairanoia Happens.

We also encourage you to re-visit the entire archive of this feature from the 2008-092009-10, 2010-112011-122012-132013-14 and 2014-15 preseasons.

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SEC Basketball Twitter Must-Follow List

Posted by David Changas on November 14th, 2014

The 2014-15 college hoops season is here, and we all know that Twitter is a must for keeping up with all that is happening.  Here is a list of SEC basketball must-follows:

If You Follow These SEC-Related Accounts, You'll Be Covered

If You Follow These SEC-Related Accounts, You’ll Be Covered

Start with all of your favorite Rush the Court SEC Microsite writers:


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Big Ten Basketball Twitter Must-Follows

Posted by Alex Moscoso (@AlexPMoscoso) on October 20th, 2014

As the season inches closer, we’re going to be rolling out more and more of our usual preseason analyses, but one of the best ways college basketball fans can stay informed throughout the season is by following the right people and sources on Twitter. I’ll presume you’re already following all the contributors here at the Big Ten microsite: myself (@AlexPMoscoso), Deepak (@dee_b1g), Brendan (@berndon4), and Jonathan (@jcbatuello). But aside from the four of us, there are a plethora of beat writers and team-centered blogs that post well-written stories on the everyday going-ons of all the squads within the league. For your convenience, we’ve come up with a list of the Twitter must-follows for Big Ten basketball and organized them by team below. Enjoy!

If You Follow These Big Ten-Related Accounts, You'll Be Covered

If You Follow These Big Ten-Related Accounts, You’ll Be Covered Throughout the Season

Big Ten- General

Big Ten – Analytical

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Assessing an Awkward Coaching Situation in Corvallis

Posted by Connor Pelton (@ConnorPelton28) on April 2nd, 2014

Craig Robinson said these words following Oregon State‘s season ending loss against Radford, a game played in front of fewer than 1,500 fans in Corvallis.

That game ended his sixth season in Corvallis, with no single campaign resulting in a postseason finish higher than the CBI, and comprising the lowest attendance totals in Gill Coliseum history. Needless to say, Beaver fans aren’t happy and would like to see a change. Still, with that all laid out on the table, I thought Robinson’s joke was hilarious. Timely, self-deprecating, and unexpected — a perfect combination for a laugh in my book. Unfortunately, his boss, athletic director Bob DeCarolis, did not find it as humorous, which is understandable since he has been in Robinson’s corner since day one. “A bad joke at a bad time,” he said the next day. A little over a week later, DeCarolis penned a letter to his biggest boosters, telling them that he had chosen to retain Robinson as head coach for another season.

The relationship between Robinson, the athletic department and Oregon State fans has grown incredibly awkward. The coach needs fans to buy tickets in order to attract recruits. The fans have stopped coming until they start to see a winning product. And there won’t be a winning product until the recruits head to Corvallis. It’s a vicious cycle, one that Robinson has been tasked with breaking. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that his mouth is getting him in trouble. And I’m not talking about his joke to reporters last month. It’s the other quotes like, “Next year’s team could be ranked in the Top 25.” Not likely when he loses Roberto Nelson, Devon Collier, and Angus Brandt. Or, “If Eric Moreland returns, we will be one of the top teams in the conference.” He’s already building in excuses for next season six months before practice even starts. No one wants to hear that. And then there is his agent, Rick Giles, saying that the 2013-14 Beavers were “two wins away from the NCAA Tournament.” Um, try two wins away from the NIT — maybe. The empty promises, excuses, and over-inflated expectations aren’t cute anymore. It’s annoying and a waste of time.

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Big East Twitter Must Follows

Posted by George Hershey on November 11th, 2013

The college basketball season has begun and Big East teams are ready to battle it out for another exciting season. Here at the RTC Big East microsite, we attempt to get to all the news in the league, but with 10 teams and so much going on, it’s impossible to report and analyze everything. Here is a list of relevant websites and Twitter follows that will keep Big East fans up to date on all the happenings on the Big East this season.

big east conf teams

Big East

Marquette Golden Eagles

Bloggers,Beat Writers & Fan Sites

Georgetown Hoyas

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Here’s the Big Ten Hoops Must-Follow List

Posted by Deepak Jayanti on November 8th, 2013

We live in the Twitter era, where following certain beat writers and correspondents with direct access to Big Ten programs will help you as a fan keep up with your respective teams throughout the season. At the Rush The Court Big Ten microsite, we will also attempt to provide insightful opinions and analysis about the Big Ten over the next five months. You can follow our writers – Alex Moscoso (@AlexPMoscoso), Deepak Jayanti (@dee_b1g), Brendan Brody (@berdnon4), Jon Batuello (@jcbatuello), Max Jakubowski (@airmax11267) –  for all the latest articles about Big Ten hoops. The following is a list of writers who consistently provide excellent coverage about specific Big Ten teams and should be followed on Twitter by all Big Ten fans.

If You Follow These Big Ten-Related Accounts, You'll Be Covered

If You Follow These Big Ten-Related Accounts, You’ll Be Covered

Enjoy the Big Ten season by following these writers and staying close the Rush The Court Big Ten Microsite!

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Your SEC Hoops Twitter Must-Follow Guide

Posted by David Changas on November 8th, 2013

As we approach the start of the 2013-14 season, we think it’s important that you have access to all the latest news you can get about the SEC, and we all know that Twitter is the best way to do that. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of must-follows for all 14 SEC squads.

If You Follow These SEC-Related Accounts, You'll Be Covered

If You Follow These SEC-Related Accounts, You’ll Be Covered





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ACC Basketball Twitter Must-Follows: Part III

Posted by Chris Kehoe on November 7th, 2013

In the third and final segment of RTC ACC’s Twitter must-follow series, we take a further look at the remaining eight teams in the ACC. This list is not all encompassing but a quick look at some of the more prominent accounts to follow for news and insight on teams around the ACC. This may include coaches, players, writers, and/or bloggers. So without any further delay, Rush the Court brings you the part three finale of our ACC Twitter rundown (click here for Part I and Part II).

Malcolm Delaney of Virginia Tech finds himself in the 'Alumni Spotlight'

Malcolm Delaney of Virginia Tech finds himself in the ‘Alumni Spotlight’


 Cavaliers Starting Five

 Other Official Accounts

 Alumni Spotlight

  • @mikescott Mike Scott currently plays for the Atlanta Hawks and with a little over 17,000 tweets, he is certainly active on social media.


Blue Devils Starting Five

  • @dukeblueplanet The official account for Duke basketball run by their recruiting and communications coordinator.
  • @BlueDevilNation Run by Mark Watson, the publisher of Blue Devil Nation.
  • @BlueDevilLair Adam Rowe (RTC alumnus) runs this account that represents 247sports.com and provides great insight into recruiting and Duke basketball news.
  • @laurakeeley The Duke beat reporter for The Raleigh News & Observer as well as the Charlotte Observer.
  • @dukebasketball Coverage of Duke hoops from The Chronicle, Duke’s independent student newspaper with their own articles.

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ACC Basketball Twitter Must-Follows: Part II

Posted by Chris Kehoe on November 5th, 2013

In the second of a three-part segment here at RTC ACC (see part I here), we take a further look into the incredible social media phenomenon that is Twitter and its all-encompassing foray into athletic culture. This second part will delve deeper into Twitter accounts to follow based on specific ACC teams, whether newspaper columnists, bloggers, alumni or current coaches or players. For any teams not included in this second piece, look for them to be revealed in a later third and final article on the subject. The following is a breakdown of five ‘must-follow’ accounts for each respective team, followed by some official accounts consisting of players and/or coaches and special bonus category at the end of each school’s section.



Terrapins ‘Starting Five’

  • @nickfaustLIVE With over 9,000 tweets, Nick Faust gives prolific insight to the day-to-day life of a Terp student-athlete.
  • @_es1 Evan Smotrycz is a fun follow and has a good Big Ten and ACC knowledge base.
  • @TerpsInsider Follows Maryland football and basketball with the help of two Washington Post beat writers.
  • @alex_prewitt Washington Post sportswriter focusing on Maryland athletics with over 15,000 tweets.
  • @insidemdsports Publisher of InsideMDSports, a 247sports.com site, has helpful recruiting knowledge.

Other official accounts that are worth a follow

  • @CoachTurgeon Head coach Mark Turgeon.
  • @umterps Official Twitter of Maryland athletics.
  • @Dez32Wells Dez Wells, Maryland’s best player and former Xavier transfer.
  • @StuckLikeChuck1 Charles Mitchell, you’ve won us over with that username.

Random Alumni Spotlight

  • @DrewNicholas12 Was a member of the 2002 national championship team, played in Europe, and is good for some savvy insight on Maryland and the ACC from time-to-time.


Tigers Starting Five

  • @ClemsonMBB The official account for Clemson basketball, ran by head coach Brad Brownell.
  • @KJMcDaniels The Tigers’ best player and a Clemson fan favorite.
  • @maniebeingmanie Manie Robinson is a Clemson football and basketball beat writer for the Greenville News.
  • @orangeandwhite An account exclusively dedicated to Clemson sports.
  • @brink_aim Writes about Clemson for @orangeandwhite above, a clear Clemson superfan.

Other official accounts

Random Alumni Spotlight

  • @bnice21 Bryan Narcisse played for Clemson for two years and then the South Carolina native was drafted by the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. Diehard ACC fans will remember Narcisse as the forward roaming the hardwood in the fashionable Rec Specs.

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Tim Miles Brings His Positive Attitude to Nebraska Basketball

Posted by Kevin Trahan (@k_trahan) on November 4th, 2013

Kevin Trahan (@k_trahan) submitted this article after attending the Big Ten Media Day in Chicago on October 31.

After Nebraska fell behind to Illinois 35-23 at halftime last season, Huskers coach Tim Miles didn’t like what he saw. So, he tweeted about it: “We played with zero pride.” The tweet didn’t help play on the court — Nebraska went on to lose the game, 71-51 — but the halftime tweet has become a staple for Miles, dating back to his days at Colorado State. The Twitter legend began in Fort Collins, too, at the urging of marketing director Ben Chulick. “He came to me and he said, ‘Listen, we want you to Facebook or Twitter or whatever it is,’ and I’m like, wait, what’s Twitter, what’s Facebook? I had no idea,” Miles said. “So when he said what it was, I’m like, we’re not doing Facebook. I graduated with 13 kids in my high school class. I already know where they all are, I don’t need to reconnect. So what’s Twitter again? 140 characters. I’m like, I can do it. I can do 140 characters.” As it turns out, he can do it quite well. Technically, it’s not Miles tweeting out his thoughts from the locker room. “I just say it to [the sports information director], ‘We better flippin’ rebound,’ and then he edits it appropriately and we go from there.” But technicalities aside, the halftime tweet and Miles’ overall Twitter presence — he has nearly 50,000 followers — are among the best in college basketball, even if the Huskers can’t yet match that on the court.

Tim Miles appears to be very comfortable at the podium with the reporters, despite Nebraska's position in the Big Ten landscape.  (AP)

Tim Miles appears to be very comfortable at the podium with the reporters, despite Nebraska’s position in the Big Ten landscape. (AP)

Nebraska is known for its athletics. The football team is built on great tradition and the women’s volleyball and women’s basketball programs are both consistently good. Heck, even the bowling team is a winner. “We won the bowling deal,” Miles said. “I watched that on ESPN. I was going nuts. It was good. We were good at bowling.” The one thing Nebraska can’t seem to win at? Men’s basketball. The Huskers have not been to the NCAA Tournament since 1998, and in Miles’ second year in Lincoln, he made sure to point out at Big Ten Media Days that his team was supposed to finish near the cellar.“I see we’re picked 12th out of 12 again,” Miles opened with. “And it’s not just by you guys. I see it’s by everybody.” That’s not sarcasm; the fact is, Nebraska probably won’t be very good at basketball this year. But luckily, Miles doesn’t care for facts. “I understand why we are — facts in life are really interesting,” he said. “I’ve always tried to ignore them.”

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