Week 3 Blogpoll

Posted by rtmsf on December 17th, 2008

Here it is, through Monday night’s games…


Quick Hits. 

  • Little Movement.  The top three remain the same, and there were only four teams – Xavier, Ohio St., Tennessee, Arizona St. – who moved up or down three spots or greater this week.  Tennessee in particular got blistered by its 16-pt loss at Temple last weekend (down ten spots).  Xavier must have impressed a lot of  folks with its performance in the Crosstown Shootout on the same day.
  • Switching Places.  Marquette and Kansas fell out of the poll this week.  11-0 Clemson and 8-1 Missouri took their spots.  We’re still not completely sold on Mizzou (their best win is USC or Cal), but we’ll give the pollsters the benefit of the doubt at this point in the season.   The RTC ballot had Michigan and BYU, both of whom we believe have better overall resumes thus far, in those two spots. 
  • Variance.   The pollsters are undecided about what to do with Duke far more than any other team.   Most bloggers had the Devils in the 6-11 range, but one blogger still has them unranked.  Other than Duke… Memphis, Purdue, Missouri and Baylor had the greatest levels of uncertainty. 
  • Conference Call.  The blogpoll dropped Marquette so no “eight is enough” for the Big East this week.  Big East (7), ACC (4), Big 12 (4), Big 10 (3), Pac-10 (2), A10 (1), CUSA (1), SEC (1), SoCon (1), WCC (1).
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2 responses to “Week 3 Blogpoll”

  1. Brian says:

    You guys put Villanova 10th on your ballot? Can’t see that at all. Nova is more like 20th in my mind. Other than that I basically agree with how you voted.

  2. rtmsf says:

    Yeah, we like Nova a little more than most folks. Which is funny b/c we were arguing they were overrated not too long ago. Probably #10 through inertia more than anything else.

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