Morning Five: 02.16.11 Edition

Posted by rtmsf on February 16th, 2011

  1. Some injury information for your Wednesday morning.  Pitt’s Ashton Gibbs will be out until at least Saturday with his injured left MCL, even though he says he’s back to 100% as of yesterday.  St. John’s and Steve Lavin, Pitt’s weekend opponent, cannot be pleased with this news.  On the other end of the Commonwealth, Villanova’s Corey Stokes will remain out of the Wildcat lineup at least through the weekend as he tries to come back from turf toe on his left foot.  Team doctors think he’ll be ready to re-join his squad by next Big Monday’s game against Syracuse.
  2. Missouri’s Kim English (ed. note: corrected) seems to have his head on straight with respect to a hate crime that went down on his campus over the weekend.  Someone had painted racist graffiti in front of a residence hall, but English, rather than getting angry, stated that he understands that it was simply the work of “one idiot” and not representative of most people in general.  It’s always nice to see young people have a healthy sense of perspective when it comes to the ugly side of the real world.
  3. Radford suspended its head coach, Brad Greenberg, for the remainder of the regular season as a result of NCAA violations relating to impermissible team travel and benefits for an ineligible player.  It’s questionable whether the 5-21 (2-14 Big South) Highlanders will miss him much, as Radford is suffering through its worst season in a generation.  Greenberg probably isn’t in any long-term trouble, though, as Radford is coming off two seasons where they won forty games and enjoyed an NCAA appearance in 2009.
  4. It’s nearing the end of the regular season, and as we saw yesterday with Jim Boeheim’s presser where he attacked the media after a win, people start saying interesting things as the pressure increases.  Here’s a couple of examples.  Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin, in reference to UC fans booing a pouting Yancy Gates when it appeared he was coming back into the game over the weekend, said that’s a life lesson at the level of big-time college hoops: “At the big-time level, there is a trade-off.  You get to play on ESPN. You get name recognition that helps you, theoretically, get a job. I had a real problem with anybody getting on a kid from Murray State, riding buses all over the Ohio Valley Conference.  … At our level it’s definitely different, because there are residual benefits. It goes with it. It’s not easy for them, but  it’s life’s lessons.”  Meanwhile, down at Kentucky, Terrence Jones called out his teammates without actually naming them when he said about UK’s road woes, “I feel we play two different ways when it’s home and away when it comes to older guys or guys stepping up. A different guy can step up at home but it seems like certain guys go away when we are away.”  Maybe we should just add a quote of the day to the site from here on forth, because it’s always interesting this time of year.
  5. Realizing of course that Northwestern has generally blown some golden opportunities this season to get itself onto the bubble and quite possibly into the (expanded) NCAA Tournament for the first time ever, Lake the Posts is already out there calling for head coach Bill Carmody’s dismissal.  We certainly understand the frustration and agree that NW has hurt itself in key spots this year, but some progress is better than no progress and the likelihood of three straight NIT appearances is the start of something bigger.
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2 responses to “Morning Five: 02.16.11 Edition”

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey, the Mizzou player responsible for those quotes is Kim English.

  2. rtmsf says:

    Sorry about that. I’ve corrected the quoter to English.

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