Anthony Davis Has Made A Decision

Posted by nvr1983 on August 3rd, 2010

We first mentioned Anthony Davis on this site approximately two weeks ago after he started to blow up on the AAU summer scene, but in that short time it appears that Davis has made up his mind about where he will be going to college in the Fall of 2011. Unfortunately, he does not feel like telling anybody right now. As Dave Telep first reported on Twitter (if you don’t have a Scout subscription check out Adam Zagoria’s post), Davis has made up his mind about where he is going to commit, but has decided to wait a while and let college basketball forums light up before he announces his decision. According to most reports, Davis was considering Syracuse, Kentucky, Ohio State, and DePaul with the latter coming in at the last minute and widely considered a long shot.  Because the quasi-announcement comes soon after he visited Kentucky (on Sunday) and DePaul (on Monday) the smart money would appear to be on John Calipari pulling in yet another blue-chip recruit to the Bluegrass State as Davis already visited Columbus a while back and appears to have canceled any more trips.

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Where will Davis land?

While we certainly do not begrudge a 17-year old the right to announce the decision, we are a little leary of what will happen over the next few weeks given what happened last year when Zagoria reported that Kyrie Irving had committed to Duke in advance of Irving’s official announcement. Irving then denied the fact that he committed just 48 hours before announcing on ESPNU that he was in fact going to Duke and had decided well in advance of the official announcement. The entire episode led to a media firestorm that led multiple media members (including Seth Davis and Gary Parrish) to call on Irving to apologize to Zagoria and, in turn, countless Duke fans to call out Zagoria for “trying to ruin the biggest moment of Irving’s life” along with numerous other phrases we cannot post on a family website. Although it may seem unlikely that this will devolve into something similar, we are somewhat troubled by the text Davis sent to Zagoria: “Yes, it’s the LeBron wait and see time.” We normally are not in the habit of parsing text messages sent by teenagers, but we are a little concerned that Davis chose to invoke LeBron’s hotly debated “The Decision” hour-long special when describing what he has in store for us. After all the controversy and ill will that program and the circus that came before and after it created, we hope that Davis will take a more tactful approach than LeBron did. In the end, however, like everybody else, we will just have to “wait and see” where Davis decides to go.

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  1. jaygee85 says:

    If UK gets this guy, look out in the 2011-2012 season, maybe preseason #1 or #2 ranking, with a starting lineup already looking like PG-Teague,SG-Liggins-Lamb-Poole-DMiller,SF-DMiller-Gilchrist,PF-Davis-Gilchrist,C-Vargas-Davis…thats going with guys UK already has, who knows who else they bring in for 2011…its good to be blue these days, whether its UK or Duke

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