RTC Region by Region Tidbits: 03.25.10

Posted by THager on March 26th, 2010

Each day this week during the regional rounds of the NCAA Tournament we’re asking some of our top correspondents to put together a collection of notes and interesting tidbits about each region.  If you know of something that we should include in tomorrow’s submission, hit us up at rushthecourt@yahoo.com.

Midwest Region (Tom Hager)

  • One of Michigan State’s big advantages may be in their bench production, which has been averaging nearly 25 points per game lately and runs 11 players deep.
  • According to Northern Iowa head coach Ben Jacobson, the decision to sign the contract extension was a no-brainer.  He signed a 10-year deal that will pay well over $400,000 per season.
  • The Washington Post notes that one of the major differences in the absence of Kalin Lucas is the contrasting and free flowing style that Korie Lucious plays at.  Lucious’ 13-point total in MSU’s game against Maryland was his highest total of the season.
  • Everybody knows Ohio State’s Jon Diebler has an incredible range, but not many people know that he used to shoot for dollar bills to hone his skills.
  • Michigan State is known for being mentally tough, but Northern Iowa is not used to the national exposure they have received from their trip to the Sweet Sixteen.  Although Ali Farokhmanesh has said that the confidence he receives has always been there, he admits that the media exposure has been overwhelming.

West Region (Andrew Murawa)

South Region (Patrick Sellars)

East Region

  • Here’s a bit of insight as to how the other half roots for its teams, as Bloomberg News interviewed well-heeled Cornell fans tonight at the Manhattan Cornell Club.  We can’t imagine there’s a Manhattan Kentucky club although we’d guess several local watering holes served as proxies.
  • Mike Freeman of CBSSports believes that Kentucky wasn’t even focused for the entire Cornell game yet were still able to win going away.
  • Kentucky and West Virginia’s rivalry dates back to the Hatfield & McCoy feuds of the late 1800s, so according to Dan Wetzel, this should make for a fun Saturday night in Syracuse.
  • This run by the Mountaineers means more to the actual mountaineers of the state than many of us can possibly imagine.  Bob Huggins said that the governor of the state of West Virginia is having the games piped into the coal mines so that workers don’t have to miss their shifts to watch or listen to the WVU game.
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