Boom Goes The Dynamite: Wednesday 1.13.10 Edition

Posted by jstevrtc on January 13th, 2010

There are some REALLY good games on tonight and many of them will be somewhere on the tube, so we figured tonight we’d step up with a special edition of our weekend live-blogging feature.  To start off, we’ll be checking on Boston College at Duke (ESPN), Pittsburgh at Connecticut (ESPN2), and Cincinnati at St. John’s (ESPN-U), and we’ll branch out to other networks as well throughout the night.  We want to know what you’re watching, as well.  Keep hitting that refresh button and we’ll see you in the comments section.  It’ll all start off momentarily…

7:03 pm ET: Wow, where to start?  This is a ridiculous night of hoops.  SO many games on, which is why we’re here.  The first thing I notice is the wardrobe symmetry between play-by-play man Rece Davis (?!?) and Bobby Knight.  Both in the v-neck sweaters.  Is it good when Bobby Knight is influencing your wardrobe choices?  I guess Rece can make it work.

7:07: Yeesh.  Not exactly a good trip for Nolan Smith.  A missed dunk and then a missed 10-foot jumper from almost behind the backboard.  Meanwhile, over on the Big Ten Network, Minnesota is keeping up with Michigan State early; MSU has a 24-21 lead at the under-4 TVTO.  I’m especially fired up for this UConn-Pitt game.  Can Pitt continue this ascent after being basically forgotten about in the early part of this season?  Up on the Huskies early in Storrs…

7:20: UConn looks like a YMCA club team.  They’re straight up on defense, if you can call it that.  At this point they seem severely uninterested.  Pitt has guys moving on offense without the ball, talking on defense, etc.  That’s how you build an early ten point lead on a team in their own house.

7:23: Maybe that Jerome Dyson dunk will get UConn going.  UConn’s strategy is obvious, and that’s to run Pitt into the ground.  UConn scored on four straight possessions so it looks like they’ve finally shown up mentally.  But what’s this?  Interesting score…South Florida up at home on West Virginia 23-12 over on ESPN 360 with about 7:00 left in the first.  Virginia has an early lead on Georgia Tech and BC just got a NICE dunk by Reggie Jackson to go up one on Duke.

7:33: I just tweeted this, but man…after UT over #1 Kansas on Sunday night, then Scottie Reynolds on Monday, then Evan Turner (or, for any Kentucky fans, Eric Bledsoe) last night, what could be in store for us tonight?  What a 72 hours of hoops we’ve had.  I can’t believe Turner played ALL 40 minutes last night.  It’s like he just proclaimed himself as “well,” meaning over his injury, and took his team from down ten with four minutes left to victory based on his own 12-0 run.  Absolutely amazing.

7:41: Boston College is putting up an admirable showing against the Dukies so far.  Eagles up 31-30 at the under-4.  Actually, Kyle Singler just tied it at 31, but the guy’s missed two FTs so far tonight.  That’s news since he shoots it at a 91% clip.

7:50: Scott:  yeah, I’ve gotten to see UC in person a couple of times this season and a few times on TV, and when I watch them I get the sense that there’s a lot more talen there offensively than we’re seeing, as if it’s just not being extracted from those young guys.  There’s sort of a lawlessness that pervades every single one of their offensive sets in my view.

7:55: Duke went into halftime up by three, 38-35.  Pitt’s still up three, 32-29, at UConn.  But right now the score that’s jumping off the screen is…Miami FL, at 15-1 (1-1), down by 27 at Virginia Tech at the half, 50-23.  Maybe all that talk about the U’s crappy schedule inflating their record had some warrant.  Haha…our boy Jameson just tweeted out something similar.  I had Miami in my Top 25 this week and last…but VT looks to put an end to that.  Wow.

8:07: UConn-Pitt is the first one back from halftime.  Man, Pitt’s Nasir Robinson has one of the oddest releases I’ve ever seen.  And it takes a LONG time to leave his hand.  I’ve been kind of ignoring Cincy vs St. Johns on the U, and we’ve got a game, 26-all early in the second half.  I totally need a multiple TV setup, here…

8:17: Over at Duke/BC, evidently the message from Coach K in the locker room had to do with defense.  Duke came out and REALLY cranked up the D, generating a 6-0 run, and now they’re up 11.  Make it 13.  I can’t type fast enough.  Al Skinner is trying to keep from using two TOs before the first TVTO.  Wow, now it’s up to 15.  Skinner doesn’t make it, and uses his second TO before the under-16.

8:22: Intentional foul on BC as Nolan Smith is hit hard.  No disrespect, but that call was influenced by the crowd.  But Duke’s up 52-37 and are about to get two and the ball.  I’m leaving this game unless I have reason to come back to it.

8:28: I agree with commenter Scott.  The UC/SJ game is the closest game right now.  But HOLY COW is it painful to watch.  It is the basketball version of Spawn 3.  I still have Cincinnati as not having made a three (0-11) with 9:19 left in the game.

8:34: OK, HERE we go.  Back and forth over at UConn/Pitt.  Stanley Robinson has 19 for UConn and Kemba Walker is having an extremely sweet game for the Huskies with 10/7/7.  A triple-double is well within reach.

8:44: One to keep an eye on…Texas down three late in the first half at Iowa State on ESPN 360, 38-35.  Ashton Gibbs is stepping up for Pitt, nailing a three on the break (what a QUICK release that kid has), and then a beautiful reverse layup in transition again.  Then Ater Majok responds with a gorgeous move in the lane and a left-handed lay-in.  That’s Ater Majok so far (yes, it’s early)…he can look downright lost sometimes, then he’ll do something like his last move and you can just SEE the possibilities.

8:51: Probable upset brewing:  Virginia is up on #18 Georgia Tech by 9 with less than 90 seconds left.  That win would move UVa to 2-0 in the ACC.

9:00: Pitt is going to pull this out against UConn.  What an impressive road win.  67-57 is the final.  UConn will have to win this weekend to stay ranked in the Top 25.  Hard to believe.

9:06: Over at Cincy/St. John’s, we have an exciting finish in the works:  50-49 UC with 8.5 seconds and SJ’s Dwight Hardy has one free throw coming.  Overtime looming?

9:10: What a turn of events.  UC turns it over on two straight inbounds passes and gives St. John’s four straight free throws (specifically Dwight Hardy) to end the game on a 4-0 run…St. John’s WINS, 52-50.

9:13: So now the feature game is UNC at Clemson on ESPN, and we have Kansas at Nebraska on ESPN2.  I’ve been saying that I reeeeeally wouldn’t want to be Nebraska tonight, facing Kansas after the loss at Tennessee.  But they’re up 12-4 early.  A lot of the other smaller networks also have games starting now so we’ll be checking in on them, as well.  Texas has separated a little from Iowa State…that one’s 52-44 with about 18 minutes left.  We’ll see if ISU can make any kind of comeback — they’re tough at home at 9-1 and are actually 11-4 on the year.  Clemson has jumped out and popped UNC in the mouth, up 16-6 at the under-16 TVTO.

9:24: Despite Clemson’s 9-14 start, they already have two important players in foul trouble: Demontez Stitt (who is 4-4 from the field and 1-1 from the line) and David Potter just sat down, both with two fouls.  I don’t know if this Clemson lead will stick, but if Clemson keeps hitting threes like they are now, and keeps out-hustling UNC like they have so far, it will.  UNC already has ten turnovers.  We’ll see, though…

9:34: It looks like rtmsf has finally decided to watch some college hoops instead of the Kardashians, so I’m handing it to him.  Enjoy the rest of the night, hoopsters…feels like a couple of upsets are still out there.

9:38: Rtmsf here.  I have the Kardashian-cam on the side here, so no worries about that.  Actually, living on the west coast is great in a lot of ways, but getting home after 6pm on weeknights means you’ve already missed many of the 7pm tips.  The flip side, of course, is that late games are absolutely no problem.  Anyway, I’ve only been here about 15 minutes but I’ve already had a flashback to the Clemson-Illinois game in the first half at Littlejohn.

9:41: KU is only up three on Nebraska, so I’m going to put that on the 75″ 3-D flat screen the 32″ b/w special as my featured game for now.  I’m also pulling up the Texas-Iowa State game on 360, since the Horns are only up eight on the Cyclones right now with 8-minutes or so to go…

9:49: Ron Franklin with the hyperbole, talking about the Nebraska crowd there.  He made it seem like he’s never seen anything quite like it, where from my seat, they haven’t sounded very loud at all.

9:52: Wow, Avery Bradley just hit his fourth three on the night for 24 points in the Texas game to put the Horns up 13.  Is there a stud frosh anywhere else getting less notoriety than this kid?  He’s third on the team in scoring with 11.9 PPG, shooting 48% from the field, and has gone for 20+ in the last two games.  I think it’s because Texas has so many good freshmen that he’s sorta lost in the shuffle there.

9:55: This is the third straight game Kansas has looked less than stellar.  Could there be something to the idea that chemistry isn’t what it should be because players aren’t sure about their roles, as Tyshawn Taylor said this week?

9:59: Big three by Nebraska’s Brandon Richardson to grab the one-point lead at halftime.  Even if Kansas doesn’t do it in Lincoln, Texas appears to be putting an end to that manufactured stat about Big 12 home teams this year (114-1).  The Horns lead by seven with 2:30 to go…

10:03: I’m using the halftimes of the KU and Clemson games to check in on a good one between Ole Miss and Georgia in the SEC.  Ole Miss is up three with 2:35 to go.  Who gets the SEC Network anyway?  People living in the SEC footprint?  Clemson dropped a half-century on UNC, and the Heels should feel good that they’re only down sixteen at half.  Meanwhile, Northwestern is leading Wisconsin by three in the second half but I don’t have the BTN.

10:06: Mizzou is up three at the half at Texas Tech, and Alabama is up seven on Vandy in Tuscaloosa.  Back to the Ole Miss-Georgia game and we have Ole Miss with a one-point lead and the ball.  Mark Fox has really done an excellent job with this Bulldog team, which was one of the worst BCS-level teams I’d ever seen at points of last season.

10:09: Ole Miss isn’t helping themselves, missing three of four FTs in the last two possessions, and giving Georgia a shot here to tie or take the lead with under a minute to go.  Texas is finishing off ISU, as Damion James has been a typical beast with 23/15 on the evening.

10:15: HAHAHA.  Ole Miss’ Eniel Polynice probably just won the game for his team using the old ‘out-of-bounds ball-off-the-back’ trick underneath the basket.  The victim?  RTC favorite dunker, Travis Leslie.  He’s gotta learn not to turn his back on an out of bounds player like that.

10:17: Ole Miss wins on the road, and Texas is about to do likewise.  ESPN2 is back with Kansas-Nebraska, so that’ll be the focus for now…

10:20: Aldrich with his first FG of the night 22 minutes into the contest.  When you have a 6’11 beast with the touch and post moves that a guy like Aldrich has down low, why doesn’t he get more touches?   Wisconsin is now up five on Northwestern with under two minutes.  Looks like another tough L for the Wildcats…

10:24: I just switched over to Alabama-Vandy to see Bama freshman Tony Mitchell flying through the air to throw down a ridonkulous putback jam.  Young legs, folks!   Northwestern is finished, down ten now to the Badgers.  And we’re back at the KU-Nebraska game and Aldrich is throwing in a couple of his funky slingshot FTs.

10:29: Quick 5-0 run by Kansas to put some pressure on Nebraska.  Quick switchback to Clemson-UNC and I hear Jay Bilas say “they’re just demoralizing North Carolina.”  We’re just as guilty of this as anyone else, but is it possible that UNC is an 8-8 team in the ACC this year?  Pomeroy does NOT like this team and their statistical profile this year, and if you figure seven more road games as well as home dates with Duke, Georgia Tech and Wake…  it’s an interesting theory.

10:33: Quick aside – the Jeff Van Gundy ad where he’s dressed in the Phoenix Sun Gorilla outfit while listening to “Rush Rush” by Paula Abdul absolutely slays me.

10:36: Nebraska withstood the first run of the half, and the Huskers are back within a point of the Jayhawks.  Would you have guessed that KU would only be up a single point despite hitting 53% and ten threes so far?  It’s the defense, man!  The eFG% in KU’s last three games has been over 50%, which are the first three times all season long!

10:40: Over on 360, Vandy has moved in front of Alabama by one, 51-50.  I can’t prove it, but I think that Vandy is going to beat some people this year, and at least half of the reason for it, will be this…

Oh yes, the ‘stache is making a comeback and we are 100% on board with the fashion trend that AJ Ogilvy is representing.

10:45: KU on another run to take a seven-point lead, and over in Littlejohn, UNC has clawed back to within thirteen.  NU needs to be careful here or they’re going to lose contact with the Jayhawks.  The last few possessions Kansas is just ramming it down the throat of the Huskers, taking it right to the rim and drawing fouls.

10:51: I’ve seen Roy Williams a couple of times in person this year and of course most of his national television games this year, and it really looks like he’s constantly frustrated with this year’s team.  Guess life is different when you don’t have a loaded lineup of savvy, tested veterans.

10:54: The best game going right now is the SEC battle in Tuscaloosa.  Tie game with around five minutes left.  I’m going to keep an eye on that as well as to see if Nebraska starts making a final push.

10:56: I seem to recall a KU player fouling someone on a three in the Tennessee game on Sunday.  They just did it again.  NU isn’t helping themselves on the foul line much, though, currently 12-18 on the night.

10:59: Kansas is getting inside buckets with ease right now off of cuts, pick/rolls, and offensive rebounds.  With 5:30 remaining, this is looking like the ‘Hawks are finally pulling away.  Vandy is down two with less than four to go at Bama.

11:01: Clemson is also finishing off UNC, as Trevor Booker and Demontez Stitt both went for 20+.  By comparison, UNC has yet to put a starter into double-figures yet.  Alabama is the home team but Vandy has already shot 35 FTs (to the Tide’s 15).  Anthony Grant will not be happy about that disparity.

11:07: Clemson will win by 19 AND NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…  the #19 team SHOULD NOT BE RUSHING THAT COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  RTC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:08: C’mon Clemson, you’re better than that!  Andy Katz is getting molested there in the midst of it all, but good grief, we know you’re a football school and all, but that’s just shameful.  You are only six spots behind UNC in the rankings!!!

11:10: KU is on a 28-14 run to put the Huskers away.  I dunno about you guys, but it looked like Nebraska started to wear down in the last ten minutes.  The size and athleticism was just too much for them.  Still, KU needs to get their defense back together or they’re going to take several losses in this conference.

11:12: Bama just fouled Vandy’s Jeffery Taylor with 6.0 seconds on the clock on a drive to the basket.  He hit one of two, and now Bama will have six seconds to go length of the court and win the game.  Where’s Eric Maynor right about now, Anthony Grant might be thinking.

11:16: Bama’s Justin Knox got all the way into the paint, but he was a little short on it and they couldn’t secure the rebound to get the home win for the Tide.  Vandy wins 65-64.

11:19: A few late scores from around the country that caught the eye…  Houston knocked off UTEP, Marshall improved to 14-2 (3-0 CUSA) with a win over UCF, and Mizzou-Texas Tech are currently in overtime on the U.

11:24: We’re going to stick around to see what happens in the Mizzou-TTU game, but after that we’ll be shutting it down tonight.  As much as the Utah State-Nevada game entices us, that’s the only game I can see right now, so it’s not worthwhile to extend this much longer.   Mizzou is coming out quick in OT, running off an 11-6 run.

11:29: Tech isn’t giving up, now down only one with a minute to play in Lubbock.  This would be a very impressive road win if Missouri can hold on there.  Kim English has 20/11 and Marcus Denmon 20/7 off the bench.  Tech’s Mike Singletary has 12/16 and John Roberson 25/4.

11:33: Tech’s Nick Okorie just missed two FTs that would have tied or given the Red Raiders the lead.  Ouch.

11:35: And that’ll do it.  Big win for Mizzou in Texas tonight to move to 2-0 in the Big 12.  And the third home loss out of three games tonight for Big 12 teams.  Now we won’t have to see that manufactured stat anymore.  We’ve said it before, but it doesn’t even seem to matter much all the players Mike Anderson lost last year.  He just plugs new bodies back into his system, which is #1 in the country in both turnover and steal percentage.

11:40: That’s it for tonight’s BGTD tonight, folks.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do one of these each week on the best night of basketball going forward, in addition to our standard Saturday fare.  The Utah State-Nevada game looks pretty good, and if you have it on your cable package somewhere, UNLV and SDSU look to be having a close contest in the MWC at the same time.  Take care!

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4 responses to “Boom Goes The Dynamite: Wednesday 1.13.10 Edition”

  1. Scott says:

    Maybe that Robinson dunk will if the Dyson dunk didn’t. I’ve been watching the UC-St John’s game for my blog, and it’s very not good. Neither team can run a half court offense. Mick Cronin needs to hire an offensive assistant badly

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for doing this, since I can only watch 1 game at a time. You aren’t missing anything in Cincy-St John’s 34-33 with 11:48 left. Neither team can shoot 3s or free throws. They are a combined 9-22 at the stripe and like 4-25 from 3, with St John’s having all 4 makes

  3. JR says:

    I have seen refs quick to call an intentional foul this season when someone comes from behind on a fast break and the offensive player sells it by tumbling out of bounds. I have seen several called this season (including Duke tonight) that I think are just hard fouls and don’t warrant intentional foul calls.

  4. Scott says:

    As the writer of a Cincinnati blog, I can’t believe that just happened. Terrible decisions by Bishop and especially by Stephenson. That was unbelievable. That was an NIT loss

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