Morning Five: 12.11.09 Edition

Posted by rtmsf on December 11th, 2009


  1. Want some John Wall hype beyond what you got here on Wed. night?  Try this, or this, or this, or this.  Is that enough gushing for you?  Put simply, Wall is the most talented player in America.  But if you’re here, you already knew that.
  2. Well, Mike DeCourcy got half of it right (Graeter’s ice cream: right; the Cincinnati chili: wrong).
  3. Fanhouse checks in with Isiah Thomas at FIU after the initial blast of media attention withered away.  In case you missed it, FIU is now 3-8 with wins over Florida Memorial, NC Central and Florida A&M.  The last one was at least an away game.  It’s clear that FIU has a long, long way to go toward competitiveness, but it also appears that they are improving under Thomas.
  4. Here’s Luke Winn’s weekly power rankings.  Always a good read with numerous I did not know thats.
  5. Good news: Iowa’s Todd Lickliter is expected to be back coaching next week with no long-term negative effects from his surgery for a torn carotid artery over the weekend.
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2 responses to “Morning Five: 12.11.09 Edition”

  1. bevo says:

    Graeter’s does sell really good ice cream. In Columbus, though, we have Jenni’s as well as Graeter’s. Give me Jenni’s any day of the week.

    As to Skyline, I would like it better when I was a undergraduate because, really drunk and/or stoned, that stuff has to be really good.

  2. Paul Buker says:

    RT @LindsayRae19: If you love college basketball much as I do, @rushthecourt blog is pretty much required daily reading

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