Patriot League Wrapup & Tourney Preview

Posted by rtmsf on March 4th, 2009

Marty Leon is the RTC correspondent for the Patriot League. 

Patrtiot League Playoff Preview

#1 American vs #8 Lafayette – Lafayette took American to overtime last week at home. American is 21-7 overall and 13-1 in league play. This is their second year in a row as #1 seed. They won 11 road games, tied for tops in the country. Like all Patriot games this will be a battle, and anything could happen but most likely will not.

#2 Holy Cross vs # 7 Bucknell – Holy Cross smoked Lehigh by 15 to end the season and are playoff sharp. Bucknell has overachieved all year but just had a tough 17 point loss to Army.  Ralph Willard’s team will march on, right into a title game with American.

#3 Navy vs #6 Colgate – This veteran Navy squad has a legit shot at a title run. Kaleno Kena had 23 as the midshipmen just beat Colgate to end the season.  Colgate too young, Navy too experienced.

#4 Army vs. #5 Lehigh – We thought Lehigh would have a better year.  They will not go to West Point and beat a determined Army team on their home turf.  Kudos to Jim Crews for a great year and the #4 seed.


Marty Leon’s Predictions
American will host Holy Cross in the title game and advance to the NCAA Tourney again. Navy could surprise and get by Holy Cross, but American, as we said from the start of the year, is a lock. Some upsets would be good for this league, which has been boring and vanilla for most of the season. This conference needs a little life, and the grind it out style night in and out, with the lack of talent this year, makes for a long haul for the fans.That being said, let us never forget the quality of the true student-athletes who play for these schools!

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2 responses to “Patriot League Wrapup & Tourney Preview”

  1. Jameson says:

    Lehigh is my hometown team and I had pretty high expectations after they beat Rutgers. I know its Rutgers, but it raises an eye brow when any Patriot League team beats a Big East team. Definitely a disappointing season in my mind for the Mountainhawks.

  2. Rob says:

    The guys at RTC were able to get me a press pass to the American-Lafayette game (will have a write up for it tomorrow). Anyway, it looks like I’ll be going to the second round game in DC too. Those RTC guys. They’re swell.

    For the record, Derrick Mercer is a beast. If he was taller than 5’7″….

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