Where 2008-09 Happens: Reason #19 Why We Love College Basketball

Posted by rtmsf on October 19th, 2008

Shamelessly cribbing from last spring’s very clever NBA catch phrase, we here at RTC will present to you the Thirty Reasons We Love College Basketball as we gear up toward the start of the season a little over a month from now.  We’ll be bringing you players to watch for this season and moments to remember from last season, courtesy of the series of dump trucks, wires and effluvia known as YouTube. 

#19 – Where You Can Paint That Line Wherever You Want Happens

Robert Vaden – UAB

Josh Akognon – Cal St. Fullerton

Kyle McAlarney – Notre Dame

Jack McClinton – Miami (FL)

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4 responses to “Where 2008-09 Happens: Reason #19 Why We Love College Basketball”

  1. Jameson says:

    I knew of Robert Vaden before that game, but that was the game I discovered Robert Vaden. I remember watching that game and I’m a small supporter still of UK and I was an awe of Vaden. The shots he hit were so low percentage and then went in nothing but net. Incredible.

  2. Rob Dauster says:

    Seriously, how did you not put the performance Shan Foster had in his senior night game against Mississippi State up on this list.

    Poor form RTC, poor form.

  3. Rob Dauster says:

    Because this list is to get people excited for this year … Foster is gone … poor form Rob, poor form.

  4. rtmsf says:

    @ Rob:


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