RTC Bracket Nonsense Winner: WildLeather43

Posted by rtmsf on April 8th, 2010

Sorry about the delay in announcing this, but we want to make sure that our 2010 RTC Bracket Nonsense winner gets his/her due…

First Thing on Google Images For "WildLeather" - We're Afraid to Ask

Your 2010 winner is…  WildLeather43 with his/her ivymania bracket.  In a very tough year to make picks, he/she managed to get half of the E8 and F4 correct as well as predicting Duke to win it all.  In fact, WL43, already had the first place trophy wrapped up even before the final game, as nobody in our pool took Butler.  WL43 will take home a Hickory High letter jacket, which he/she can wear around proudly as a reminder of the Hoosiers-inspired run that Butler made to the final possession this year.  Warning: there is leather involved, so hopefully things won’t get too crazy.

Second place goes to It’s Not Luck, who will have to contact us directly to get his prize of an RTC or Hoosier Daddy t-shirt (his choice).  Please email us at rushthecourt@yahoo.com to set up how we’ll send your prize, ok?

A final note on this is that your hoops-savvy RTC editors all finished in the bottom third of this contest, proving once again that we are a big steaming pile of blathering idiots (and yes, rtmsf is Chief Idiot).  Clearly we know nothing about this game, but we appreciate you all pretending that we do.  Until next year…

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