Play RTC Bracket Nonsense to Win Awesome Indiana Prizes

Posted by rtmsf on March 15th, 2010

We’re back again for Year Two of the RTC Bracket Nonsense game.

In keeping with the car theme from last year’s debacle in Detroit, we’ve got some equally great prizes on tap for this year’s game.  That’s right, since the Final Four is in Indianapolis, Indiana, this year, we’re offering you a chance to win your very own Hickory High Letter Jacket, so you too can roll around in style like your Hoosier Hero, Jimmy Chitwood.  And if you’re reading this site and you aren’t Spike Lee, you undoubtedly have a soft spot in your heart for that movie somewhere beneath your gruff exterior.  Remember kids, the rims are ten feet here too, even if you can barely touch the net and 15-year old Oscar Robertson over there is doing backflips over the darn things.  Solution: win before he gets really good.

You Too Can Style Like Jimmy Chitwood

Second prize is even better, a still-hilarious Hoosier Daddy t-shirt.  See… it’s a play on words, and that’s always funny, right?  If you don’t like that, we’ll send you an RTC t-shirt instead.  And we’ll be sure to dip it in Pennzoil beforehand so you’ll get the true Indy experience.  Here’s the relevant info:

Name: RTC Bracket Nonsense
Group ID#: 66865 (there is no password)

Last year’s winner was MSUSpartans, but he never picked up his prize.  Hopefully this year our big winner will actually enjoy the fruits of his labor… hope to see you over there.

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