John Wall Dance Goes Viral

Posted by rtmsf on December 15th, 2009

The last time we were this late on something, we got a nice little package from the stork that said “COD” on it.  Nevertheless, it’s our job to keep you updated as to the ins and outs of college basketball to the best of our abilities, and since we’ve unofficially declared this John Wall Day around RTC, we figured we might as well get something up about this. 

The John Wall Dance — have you seen or heard about this thing yet?  Apparently it’s completely taken over the Bluegrass State, and it’s working its way into the national zeitgeist through means beyond the standard YouTube clips of people doing it at weddings and deer hunts and Great Walls and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades.   Yes, we said deer hunts (hey, that deer was talking s#%#t!).  We’re not all the way there yet, as we haven’t yet seen Obama give us the characteristic raised arm with a rotating wrist (probably a good idea, as his detractors would accuse him of signaling Al Qaeda), but we’re hopeful that he’ll take on the Dance by March along with the rest of us.  What we have seen is that the JWD made its way onto a nationally televised prime time sitcom on ABC known as “Cougar Town,” where Courtney Cox undoubtedly pretends to act old and put upon by younger men in a new show with a tired formula.  Nevertheless, one of the main characters on the show, her neighbor (played by Josh Hopkins), threw the Wall Dance into a recent episode during a pickup basketball game (you know, the kind where the rims are all seven feet tall and middle-aged guys who can’t even dribble a ball are throwing down eye-level-at-the-rim dunks).  Take a gander below, and we’d recommend getting on board with this before your wife starts doing it and makes you look even more out of touch than you already are.

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