What’s Trending (Final Four Edition): Dallas, #cheerfortheears, Drake, and More…

Posted by Nick Fasulo (@nickfasuloSBN) on April 7th, 2014

What’s Trending is a column examining the week that was in college basketball social media. Nick Fasulo (@nickfasuloSBN) is your weekly host.

Hello, friends. There is only one college basketball game left in the 2013-14 season, and it will be played to crown a most improbable national champion and end a three-week long soap opera. Sorta like the original Dallas.

Lightning Strikes in North Texas

Great shot from Tom Fox on Final Four Eve as “North Texas” weathered a brutal thunderstorm.


Storms Have Pounded the DFW Area But That Didn’t Stop the Final Four

Cheer for the Ears

CBSSports.com‘s Matt Norlander made good after being on the losing end of a season-long bet made with Rush the Court‘s Randy McClure. Despite an early exit from the tournament, Wichita State made it to the big dance with a fat zero in the loss column. Norlander (pictured, right) didn’t think that would happen. So, as a result, he had to wear a set of bunny ears out on the town at the Final Four. He looks good. Maybe even better than NBCSports.com‘s Raphielle Johnson (left) and Rob Dauster (center).

DeAndre Daniels with the Dagger

When UConn went into halftime against Florida with a lead, it felt as though the Huskies had a real chance. When DeAndre Daniels dropped this hammer late in the second half, it served as the proverbial dagger.


Aaron Harrison on the Radio

Tom Leach is Kentucky’s play-by-play guy. Skip ahead to the 2:00 mark to listen to his call of Aaron Harrison’s game-winning three against Wisconsin. It’s fantastic.

Drake loves Kentucky, Attention 

Attention hound and rapper Drake found a way into Kentucky’s locker room following its big win on Saturday night. He wasn’t refused entry like when the Miami Heat won the title last summer, which meant the cameras were able to capture him showing the love and pretending to be everyone’s best friend.

Knee Jerk National Championship Game Preview

Best of the White Guys

Saturday Night Live has been keeping close tabs on the NCAA Tournament these past few weeks. Just after the Final Four, they ran this spoof on a white boy highlight reel DVD avaiable for sale. Sort of funny. It’s heavy on Wisconsin, naturally.

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