What’s Trending: Creighton, Russdiculous, Hoyughs & #BBN is Crazy…

Posted by Nick Fasulo (@nickfasuloSBN) on March 14th, 2014

What’s Trending is a column examining the week that was in college basketball social media. Nick Fasulo (@nickfasuloSBN) is your weekly host.

The Creighton Globetrotters

The assist of the century may have also been my tweet of the year. Try and wrap your mind around this botched pass turned three-pointer from the Bluejays.

Russ Smith Tribute

The lovable Russ Smith’s college career is waning, which is really sad. Watch this tribute video over and over and remember just how awesome this kid is.

Georgetown Is Really Struggling

When you’re an elite private school on the East Coast with enemies that wear Orange and Huskies gear, you’re going to be ridiculed that much more when you’re struggling.

When does that seat start to feel warm for JT III?

Tom Crean Looks Shocked, Scared

It’s caption contest time! Since we see you over there chuckling, Bo Ryan, we’ll let you go first.

tom crean scared

#BBN Is Crazy: Reason #2548

This Kentucky fan will either look like a prophet or severely regret this irrevocable decision to get inked up (we suspect the latter).


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