The Fabric of their Lives: Part Two

Posted by cwilliams on October 13th, 2011

As we continue to Part Two of the Big 12 uniform rankings, I want to discuss a different role college uniforms play. The role of a fashion statement. For reasons unknown to me, jerseys, especially basketball jerseys, have become a fashion trend. Whether in a music video, a movie, or Joe Blow walking down the street, college basketball uniforms are seen on individuals who have never made a jump shot. I’ll admit it, I have a Missouri and a TCU basketball jersey that I occasionally wear, despite my short-and-skinny frame. It’s a questionable trend, but it’s one that, despite my criticism, I take part in.

Anyway, let’s continue with the uniform rankings. To track back, I ranked Iowa State as 10th, Oklahoma State as 9th, and Baylor as 8th.

# 7.  Oklahoma


History: 5. The Sooners have been consistent with their designs. Unfortunately, their designs have never been extraordinary.

Color Scheme: 3. Way too much white. Two stripes of white on top, one on bottom, and two on the sides. It’s called a secondary color, Oklahoma.

Script: 6. The script is slightly above mediocre. I like the way it curves, but it doesn’t exactly stand out.

Final Score: 14

#6. Texas


History: 5. A somewhat recognizable jersey, points are taken away for that damn watermark, a trend nobody at RTC seems to favor. Seriously, it looks like heiroglyphics.

Color Scheme: 7. Burnt orange is a symbol of Texas, and their home and away jerseys utilize that symbol.

Script: 3. The T.J Ford-era jerseys had great script, a bold “Texas” in readable leaders. This? This looks like Yosemite Sam’s favorite font.

Final Score: 15.

#5. Texas A&M

Maroon 22.

History: 4. While Texas A&M doesn’t have much of a basketball history, their uniforms have only been slightly tweaked in their Big 12 years.

Color Scheme: 9. A large amount of maroon, with a small yet noticeable amount of white, and vice versa for their home threads. This is what a uniform’s color scheme should look like.

Script: 5. A very average, safe script. Nothing flashy, nothing impressive, but it does what it’s suppose to-tell you who you’re playing.

Final Score: 18.

Check back tomorrow for the top four uniforms in the Big 12.

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