That’s Debatable: Looking Back at Regional Weekend

Posted by rtmsf on March 29th, 2010

We did this last week and it seemed to work pretty well, so let’s do it again.  Here are five questions from the past weekend’s action with a look ahead to the Final Four. Each of the below polls will allow comments, so let’s build some discussion through there.

Q1: What Was the Biggest Surprise This Weekend?

We’re going with Mazzulla on this one.  He came into the game averaging a bucket per contest, yet he shredded the Kentucky defense for easy layups multiple times over the course of WVU’s win over the Wildcats.  Many of the others were also surprising, and if we had to choose a #2, it would probably be Butler defeating Syracuse and K-State.  Not so much because we don’t believe in the Bulldogs (we do!), but just because how methodically they shut down the guards of both of those elite teams.

Q2: Butler: Cinderella or Legit Championship Threat?

We’d be more inclined to think they were a legitimate championship threat if they didn’t have to face a team in Michigan State that thrives on street fight defense.  It’ll be just another day at the Big Ten office for the Spartans in playing the Bulldogs, and there’s no way that Tom Izzo will allow his team to look past them.

Q3: Was JP Prince’s Foul on Raymar Morgan Legit?

Yeah, it was.  We’ve slowed it down a few times and there was enough arm in addition to ball there to warrant the call.  The mistake was letting MSU beat the Vols down the court to the blocks.  If UT had gotten back better, they might still be playing.

Q4: What About Quincy Acy’s Charge Against Duke?

Terrible call, but probably wouldn’t have mattered.  We noted that Baylor seemed to lose a little bit of its focus down the stretch, taking some poor shots and losing the Duke three-point shooters.  While the Duke players hadn’t been in this spot before (same as the Baylor players), Coach K has been there a million times and knows how to prepare his players for spots like these.

Q5: How is Your Excitement Level For This Final Four?

Hey, this is what we do, so we’re always going to be excited for the Four.  There are a lot of interesting storylines this year, what with Butler playing the role of celebrated mid-major playing at home, grizzled Final Four veterans Izzo and K back again, and WVU’s Huggins finally breaking through after many disappointments over the past two decades since his last appearance.

Q6: Who Will Win the National Championship?

Argh.  Duke is clearly the favorite, but we don’t believe at all that the Devils are an overwhelming one.  West Virginia is our choice right now, but check back later this week for the inevitable flip-flop.

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