Morning Five: 02.11.10 Edition

Posted by rtmsf on February 11th, 2010

  1. EA Sports… is no longer in the game.  At least the basketball part of the game, as the company announced on Wednesday that they would not longer produce their popular NCAA Basketball game.  According to the company, this decision has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit about the use of player likenesses that indicts that exact game.  Nothing at all.
  2. Jarvis Varnado is 26 blocks from tying the all-time NCAA record for blocks (535), and if you can name the player he’ll probably replace in a few weeks, you’re lying.  Seriously, there’s no way you know this.  At any rate, nice story about the player they call “Swat” down in Starkville.
  3. Pac-10 expansion appears to be a real possibility in the near future, and Ray Ratto has an interesting take as to how the reconfiguration of that league will lead to a cannibalism effect that will consolidate even more of the power in the BCS leagues.
  4. An example of Kentucky Wildcat spelling FAIL (look closely at John Wall’s jersey, below).


  1. Here’s an example of someone who was clearly more interested in currying favor with the audience than getting the question right.  Or was she right all along?  Alex should have given her bonus points for that answer.

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    One response to “Morning Five: 02.11.10 Edition”

    1. Andrew says:

      Pac-10 expansion: terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible idea.

      Also, I think it is a really bad idea. Just awful. Bordering on terrible.

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