Memphis: Vacate-ion’s All I Ever Wanted…

Posted by rtmsf on August 20th, 2009

It seems as if the Derrick Rose saga is about to come to end, as multiple reports are suggesting that the NCAA will vacate all 38 of Memphis’ wins from the 2007-08 season as a result of using an ineligible player (Rose) and allowing Rose’s brother to fly around the country for free on the team charter.  The report, which will be published Thursday, reportedly will not provide for additional sanctions against the Memphis program, leaving Josh Pastner and his gutted program a fighting chance to emerge from the Calipari era with some dignity intact.

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Speaking of Coach Cal (and UK fans will remind us that correlation isn’t causation), he now becomes the first head coach in the history of college basketball to have had NCAA-mandated removals of Final Four appearances at different schools.  You should recall that Calipari’s only other F4 appearance in 1996 was later vacated because of Marcus Camby’s prodigious affinity for cashmoney and bling.  This latest Derrick Rose situation makes Calipari programs two-for-two, and, interestingly, the Memphis Tiger program two-for-three on removed Final Four appearances.  Keep polishing that 1973 runner-up trophy, Tigers, it’ll be a while until the next one.

Here’s the list of F4 teams whose appearance was later vacated by the NCAA that 2007-08 Memphis joins.

  • Ohio St. (1999) – Jim O’Brien
  • Minnesota (1997) – Clem Haskins
  • UMass (1996) – John Calipari
  • Michigan (1992 & 1993) – Steve Fisher
  • Memphis (1985) – Dana Kirk
  • UCLA (1980) – Larry Brown
  • Villanova (1971) – Jack Kraft
  • St. Joseph’s (1961) – Jack Ramsay

Do you guys believe in karma?  This list is populated by four national runners-up and five other semifinalists, but the NCAA has to date still managed to avoid vacating a national championship team.  And without question, the Rose/Calipari Memphis team was the closest finalist on this list to actually cutting down the nets.  Maybe there was a little more magic to the Mario Miracle dagger than we understood at the time?

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2 responses to “Memphis: Vacate-ion’s All I Ever Wanted…”

  1. bevo says:

    “Speaking of Coach Cal (and UK fans will remind us that correlation isn’t causation)”
    Bear Bryant’s Kentucky teams and Texas A&M teams spent time on probation because of the Bear’s actions violated the NCAA rules. However, at Alabama, he ran a clean program.

    Perhaps old dogs can learn new tricks?

    Now that Memphis has been punished and Southeast Missouri State has been bitched slapped, when will U$C get their punishment?

  2. rtmsf says:

    That’s the beauty, Bevo. With Calipari gone, Memphis was essentially toothless, and SEMO never had any to begin with.

    USC, on the other hand… that’s a major cash cow. Wouldn’t want to upset the flow, you know?

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