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Posted by rtmsf on February 6th, 2009

Marty Leon is the RTC correspondent for the Patriot League.

Leon’s Leads Tom Brennan to Georgia !!!  The Current ESPN Hoop analyst and Georgia Alum could bring his Vermont Magic to Athens.

Rush the Courts Ten Reasons Why Tom Brennan Could Coach Georgia !!

  1. Graduate and former player.
  2. Great Recruiter.
  3. Will demand academic performance of players.
  4. Players coach.
  5. Turned losing Vermont team into nationally respected program.
  6. Terrific at promoting University.
  7. Never takes himself to seriously.
  8. People of Georgia would love him.
  9. Beat Syracuse.
  10. Would be a great addition to homecoming festivities.

Holy Cross Getting It Done

At 6-1 in the league, Holy Cross has  proven they are for real and the top contender to take the title away from American. Freshmen R.J Evans has been awesome, averaging 13 ppg and second in the league in steals. The guard from Norwich Free Academy in Connecticut has been rookie of the week SEVEN times!!  Andrew Keister has helped carry the load, leading the Patriot in field goal percentage and seventh in rebounding. Ralph Willard has done a great job regrouping his team after a rocky injury plagued start to the season.

Patriot Superlatives

  • Most Consistent Team – American
  • Toughest Out, Night In and Out – Army
  • Scoring Machine – Navy
  • Underachievers – Lafayette
  • Overachievers – Colgate
  • Enigma – Lehigh
  • Bracket Buster??? – Bucknell
  • Getting it Done – Holy Cross


  • Kaleo Kina- Navy– 18.5 ppg
  • Garrison Carr- American– 17.6 ppg
    • Bucknell – 2,485 per home game
    • Colgate – an awful 361 per home game

Patriot Prognostications (YTD 18-11)

  1. Holy Cross at Lafayette – “The Cross” keeps rolling.
  2. Army at Colgate – Army too tough, they get win #4.
  3. American at Lehigh – American wins a close one,they can’t afford any loss in this horse race.
  4. Navy at Bucknell – Anchors Away!! Navy in a blowout!!

Patriot Prognostications (YTD 24-13)

  1. Colgate at American – NO way Coach Davis can pull this off.
  2. Bucknell at Holy Cross – Cross Crushes
  3. Lehigh at Army -Suprise!! Army again.
  4. Lafayette at Navy – Navy out of necessity.

Patriot Prognostications (YTD 27-14)

  1. American at Army – American in a cakewalk.
  2. Bucknell at Lafayette – Lafayette, they need it badly.
  3. Colgate at Lehigh – Lehigh, Colgate not road warriors.
  4. Navy at Holy Cross – Cross rebounds after costly loss

Patriot Prognostications   (YTD 30-15)

  1. Army vs. Navy – Navy gets sweet revenge.
  2. Colgate at Longwood – Longwood in a meaningless affair.
  3. Holy Cross at American – American wins the big one.
  4. Lafayette at Lehigh – Lehigh still trying to get better.

Patriot Prognostications  (YTD 32-17)

  1. Army at Lafyette – Army wins, Lafayette flat after Lehigh win.
  2. Holy Cross at Colgate – Coach Davis outcoaches another. Gate wins !
  3. Lehigh at Bucknell – Lehigh in a close one.
  4. Navy at American – American clinches.

Patriot Prognostications (YTD 34-19)

  1. American At Lasfayette – American keeps rolling
  2. Lehigh at Holy Cross – Holy Cross, after lucky win at Colgate
  3. Army at Bucknell – Bucknell, getting better
  4. Colgate at Navy – Navy in a crusher
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