It’s Never Too Early For a Poll

Posted by rtmsf on April 8th, 2008

Some of the way-too-early preseason 08-09 polls are coming out, so we’ll do our best to update them on this post as they become available.

  • CNNSI – Luke Winn takes his best shot at projecting next season – he has UNC #1
  • San Francisco Chronicle – has UNC #1 even w/o Tyler Hansbrough
  • The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has Texas (assuming Augustin returns) as #1 – shocker
  • Another UNC choice (Rivals) – will next year’s Carolina team learn to play defense?
  • San Jose Mercury-News has another UNC #1 selection – why is everyone sleeping on Georgetown?
  • ESPN – Andy Katz has the Horns at #1 in his rendition.
  • Vitale’s top five – shockingly, Carolina is #1!!
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One response to “It’s Never Too Early For a Poll”

  1. Kubo says:

    “[W]hy is everyone sleeping on Georgetown?”

    They opened at 30:1 to win it all next year; an acquaintance of mine bet it down to 20:1. So there’s one believer.

    I hope Augustin comes back. He is a blast to watch.

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