ATB: John Brady’s Bunch (of losers)

Posted by rtmsf on December 6th, 2007

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Don’t Call it a Comeback.  #24 Villanova 68, LSU 67 “Any team that loses, doesn’t deserve to win.”  That profundity, uttered by LSU coach John Brady tonight after his team’s one-point loss to Villanova, clearly shows Brady’s eloquence, but it belies his indefatigable drive for success, his world-renowned coaching acumen, and his propensity for buxom blonde strippers named Misty Champagne.  Remember the Miracle in Baton Rouge (ca. 1994) when Kentucky came back from 31 down in the second half to beat Dale Brown’s boys – well tonight it was the Main Line Revival, as Villanova erased a 21-pt LSU lead with 8:51 remaining to win the game.  The Tigers were outscored 35-13 the rest of the way, culminating in a putback layup by Dante Cunningham (16/12) with six seconds left to give the Cats their first (and only) lead of the night.  Amazing comeback for Villanova, but an even more remarkable collapse for LSU, who ended up allowing Villanova more points in the final 9 minutes than in the previous 31.  We continue to be impressed with the coaching inabilities of ole John Brady down in Baton Rouge, but hey, at least Les Miles is sticking around, right?    

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Other Ranked Teams.

  • #11 Butler 53, Detroit 46.  Matt Howard with 20/11 in an ugly (but typical) Butler win.

Other Notable Scores.

  • South Carolina 68, Providence 67.  Well, at least the SEC/Big East Invitational had two good games tonight – surprised the hell outta us.  Oh, and the tally was 3-1 Big East (thanks John Brady!)  
  • Maryland 89, Morgan St. 65.  Maryland punches Todd Bozeman’s crew in the mouth.

On Tap Today(all times EST).  Nothing worthwhile.  Go out and have some fun.  There are some good games on Saturday.  

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One response to “ATB: John Brady’s Bunch (of losers)”

  1. Vegas Watch says:

    Thankfully, LSU covered (pretty easily; Nova was favored by around 8). If that game had gone into OT, and Villanova had won by 10, I know of some people (not myself) that would have been quite upset.

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