The Christine Donovan Effect

Posted by rtmsf on June 4th, 2007

CD Angry

Mrs. Donovan appears thrilled at the press conference naming her husband the new coach of the Orlando Magic.

Memo to Billy Donovan:

Listen to your wife before you sign the contract next time. As a married man of over a decade, you should have known better. Sure, her lips may have been mouthing “do whatever you want, honey” but the eyes… look at those eyes!!! were saying something completely different.

Because of this egregious infraction in marital comprehension, you now look like a circus clown (isn’t Barnum & Bailey’s college around there too?) and more than a little flakey in front of the basketball universe. Sure, others have been down this road – most recently, Dana Altman (Creighton to Arkansas and back) and Gregg Marshall (Winthrop to College of Charleston and back) – but neither of them were foolish enough to sign a contract prior to backing away. The last person we can remember who actually signed the contract while still employed was Bobby Cremins (Georgia Tech to South Carolina and back), and has he been heard from since? Not really. (Note: Majerus was unemployed/retired/at the trough when he backed out on USC in 2004; and Cremins is now the head coach at College of Charleston in an ironic twist.)


So let’s be honest, Billy. Despite complete radio silence coming out of Gainesville, and Orlando officials stating publicly that you are still in a “dialogue” with the Magic, we all know that this is simply legal saber-rattling for the sake of saving face. The buyout/settlement that you will pay Orlando will surely be substantial. Wouldn’t that money have been better spent on a new convertible Benz for your wife – which, incidentally, you’re going to have to buy her anyway (look at the eyes). A Benz might actually be getting off easy – imagine all the painstaking interrogations and whispering that is already going on behind her back at the PTA meetings and at the pool’s social committee. Her ears are burning and her eyes are furious.

Actually, Billy, here’s another thought. After you get off the phone with Orlando management, maybe you should call Tiffany’s as well. We heard that diamond earrings look just divine while driving an SL 55 Roadster.

Update: Andy Katz wrote that Donovan started having second thoughts on Friday afternoon at the Florida farewell press conference, and upon waking Saturday morning, he was sure he had made the wrong decision. This dovetails very nicely with the Christine Donovan effect. Who hasn’t gone home thinking a decision is final only to learn that your opinion is far less valuable than you believed when it results on you sleeping on the couch that night?



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2 responses to “The Christine Donovan Effect”

  1. Ray Alford says:

    Billy,it’s always easier to beg for forgivness than to request permisson. Go ahead and honor your committment and be the kind of coach you can be with the Majic. You will excell. Let Anthony Grant have a shot at Florida. He will make you and the Gator Nation proud. Christine still loves you and know that you love her.

  2. lou eaton says:

    My guess is that Billy’s long delay in signing his FLA contract signaled that he was o pen to other offers. He actually wanted the KY job but that was decided for him by Christine. Too many extended family ties in Florida to pack up and move again. What this does more than anything else is assist all the other SEC coaches in recruiting. This is a bonanza effect for everyone recruiting against Donovan. How can he ever convince another recruit that he will not accept the Miami job when Riley comes calling. My money says that the goal is the Heat and if he returns to FLA with Foley there will be an out clause for the Miami Heat offer in the next couple of years….

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