RTC Top 65 Games Wrapup

Posted by zhayes9 on November 5th, 2009


Over the past few weeks here at RTC, we released a series of posts breaking down our Top 65 Games for the regular season. These posts were released in monthly form while also including an overall ranking for the season in parentheses. With the 2009-10 campaign approaching quickly and as a service to our fans looking to circle their calendars from November to March, here’s the official order for RTC’s Top 65 Games of the upcoming season. First, our four posts in monthly form with brief synopses in case you missed it:

Note: we are not including projected matchups from the preseason tournaments in these 65 games because those will be analyzed separately (coming this weekend).

We’re going to give you two views of the world on this (and you can always copy/paste from the Google Doc if you like).  First, here are the Top 65 Games in order of ranking, from #1 to #65. 

top 65 games by rank

If you’re interested in viewing these 65 games by date for viewing purposes (just make sure you’re home on Feb. 6 and March 8), we’ve hooked it up after the jump…

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