Play College Basketball Survivor ’16: Win Regional Tickets!

Posted by rtmsf on November 10th, 2015

Last year’s College Basketball Survivor game was a wonderful success. Over 240 competitors began the game in mid-November and after 16 weeks of the regular season, we were left with only three players. When Brian Joyce (@bjoyce_hoops) won with his selection of Iowa State on the final week of the season, he became the proud recipient of the title First Annual RTC #cbbsurvivor. Let’s do it again.

The form that you will need for Week One is located here, and the rules are below:

Try Finding a Non-NFL Survivor Pool Image

Try Finding a Non-NFL Survivor Pool Image

Pick two teams that you think will go unbeaten during the first week-plus of the regular season (Friday Nov. 13 – Sunday Nov. 22). The deadline for entries in Week One is 3:00 PM ET on Friday. You cannot choose teams that you have already chosen in previous weeks, and it is your responsibility to know which teams you’ve already used. Your pool of available teams are the 65 schools from the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC.

  • UNBEATEN WEEK. If both your teams go unbeaten, you advance to next week (note: both teams MUST play at least one game).
  • SPLIT WEEK. If your teams split (one goes unbeaten; one loses), you use a strike and advance to next week.
  • ELIMINATION WEEK. If both your teams lose a game (or more than one game), you are eliminated.

If you attempt to use the same team twice in a season, or you choose a team that doesn’t play that week, or you miss a weekly deadline, you are eliminated.

You’re allowed three strikes during the season. A fourth strike eliminates you.

One entry per person, please. Deadline for Week One is 3:00 PM ET Friday 11/13. No exceptions!

The last #cbbsurvivor standing will win two tickets to the 2015 NCAA regional of his choice. Second and third place will receive RTC t-shirts. Good luck!

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