To Hell and Back…

Posted by rtmsf on November 28th, 2007


Welcome to Detroit

Apologies to the three of you who were anxiously awaiting our thoughts on the last two nights of the annual Big Ten emasculation at the hands of the ACC, but suffice it to say, we weren’t just being lazy. No, rather, our post-holiday travel enjoyment was mitigated by a 24-hr organizational clusterfark situated on the premises of the Detroit Intl. Airport and perpetrated by Lucifer’s personal air carrier, Northwest Airlines, and his innkeeper, Best Western.

Detroit Lodging

Our Hotel in the Motor City

We can now safely say that we’ve seen the seventh circle of Hell and it without question resides in the Motor City. Although populated by the Devil’s henchmen intent on making your life miserable while you wait on something anything good to happen, the airport is overall a clean and otherwise redeeming place. But as for the city itself… well, the word dump when used to describe Detroit quite frankly insults the word. Actually, it doesn’t insult the word as much as bend over it and drop a 15-inch steaming log right onto its new shoes.

Of course, everything steams in D-town because it’s always about twenty degrees and snowing out.

Now that we’ve sufficiently deloused and fumigated ourselves and our luggage, we’re ready to get back to the games. As for Detroit, consider yourselves forewarned…

Update:  Detroit just unveiled its logo for the 2009 F4, which it is hosting.  There’s probably no press pass coming our way for that one! 

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