Jim Calhoun Politely Requests You Get Him Some Facts

Posted by rtmsf on February 22nd, 2009

Weird incident after today’s UConn-South Florida thrashing.  Jim Calhoun was questioned by a reporter named Ken Krayeske, a local gadfly who was trying to make a point about the salary of the state of Connecticut’s highest paid official (i.e., him) during hard economic times, but it got lost in the back-and-forth which culminated in Calhoun yelling at Krayeske to “get some facts.”

What seemed to set Calhoun off was a question relating to something about a “Comcast deal,” and we’ll have to defer to our more enlightened UConn fans as to what that actually means.  A quick google search didn’t come up with anything relating to Calhoun and Comcast.  Of course, we’re not sure what Krayeske’s real beef was, as Calhoun’s salary isn’t paid from general fund dollars anyway.

Actually, our favorite part of this whole scene was the part where Krayeske made reference to himself having to ask such tough questions because “these guys won’t do it,” referring to the other reporters in the room.  There was a collective grumble reminiscent of the British House of Commons scenes we sometimes catch late at night on BBC.

We’ll update this if we learn more, but feel free to edify us in the comments.

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