All Ur Base R Belong 2 Us

Posted by rtmsf on October 28th, 2007

Remember this internet sensation from the early 2000s?

We couldn’t help but recall that fine piece of artistry when we came across a site called The Palace of Bling the other day. Turns out they’re going to be providing coverage of the college hoops season for the gamblers among us. Well, let there be no doubt where we plan on getting our hot plays from this year. We’ll save you the linkage by providing you with their full text so you too can see how impressive TPoB is when it comes to the point spreading department. Somehow, we’re not too worried about copyright issues. From our place turf, er, tribunal, to yours (best lines in bold):

Well the college basketball game season is almost upon us and our professional college hoops odds-makers are dusting off our tons of game-winning analysis and tendencies so that we can have got another winning season. For the last 10 years, we have got picked three college basketball game best stakes for pretty much each twenty-four hours of the regular season all the manner until the conference tournaments. With all of the tons of games across the nation, it is not reasonable to seek and disability each game because the whole point in this line of work is to go on to come up out on top in the point spreading department.

We look at every game each twenty-four hours but we settle down in on the three best dramas based on our historical information that have got been consistent victors for us each twelvemonth of our existence. We have got a accumulative record of picking at 59 % over those 10 old age and we look to go on to construct on that success for this season.

One winning tendency that we love to title-holder is our home underdog volts conference rival scenario. The manner we explicate such as a scenario is one where two squads from the same conference where the visiting squad is favored over the place squad. This is a very profitable winning tendency for many reasons. The greatest ground is the fact that schools happen it “insulting” tp be deemed unworthy of favourite position on their place turf. The fact that the incoming school is favored to travel in and beat out them on their place tribunal functions to add great motive to the insulted squad. We discovered this tendency back in our first twelvemonth of being and we have got used this as one of our tons of winning tendencies to continuously turn a profit. Over that ten-year era, these scenarios that we picked won at nearly a 64 percentage cartridge holder ATS. Now the cardinal to is to place which 1s are more than profitable than others because some schools don’t take to this tendency successfully. We have got a strong thought of who these schools are that win continuously in this scenario and that have helped us go on our winning ways. Just one of our many winning trends.

There are a short ton of great squads heading into this season and it will be interesting to see who will lift to the top in the epoch of hot shot prospects playing for one season before they travel on. We are on top of it all and expression to convey more than winning to our 100s of dedicated subscribers. It have been a long off season and college hoops are finally are almost upon us. Good fortune to everyone and let’s have got a great season. Also allow the winning begin.

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