12.22.08 Fast Breaks

Posted by nvr1983 on December 21st, 2008

A short, but solid list of links for you going into the holidays. . .

  • Seth Davis with a good primer on the various foul calls. Hopefully, this clears things up for a lot of you and will stop a lot of whining about officials making the incorrect foul call. That means you Xavier fans.
  • I wasn’t expecting many impact players to be coming back, but Jeff Goodman provides a good list of the top mid-season additions.
  • The NCAA came up with a cool idea recently where they set up 11 games in 4 days in the state of Indiana. They project which was called the “Indiana Basketball Extravaganza” featured games from all divisions including women’s games. Howard Smith did a great job live-blogging the event and we think the NCAA should do more of this to increase basketball awareness of all levels not just the D-1 games featured on national TV.
  • Bill Simmons already mentioned it on one of his podcasts, which means that 95% of you have probably already heard about it, but we wholeheartedly recommend you check out Mark Titus’s Club Trillion blog. The hoops aficionados already know what a trillion means, but for the rest of you it is the box score when a player plays but doesn’t record any other stats (points, assists, rebounds, steals, field goal attempts, etc.). Just the name alone should give you an idea what his blog is like.
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