Dickie V: No Longer a Shameless Front-Runner

Posted by rtmsf on October 19th, 2008

Ed. Note 2 – Ok, we get it – Dick Vitale is NOT a front-runner.  Thank you to all Rays fans for enlightening us.  As an offer of our sincere apologies, we’re sending some peace offerings in the form of team gear to DV at the ESPN studios – his new Duke sweatshirt, Notre Dame cap and Yankee pullover are on their way (being such a longtime fan, season-ticket holder and Tampa Bay area luminary, we figure he has enough Rays gear). 

Ed. Note – to all Rays fans, of course we knew that DV was a season-ticket holder.  All he ever wants to talk about during the season is Duke and Sarasota.   We still think it’s funny that he’s a self-described Yankees fan by birth, yet he’s such a wild Rays (sorry we’re so used to saying Vitale is a (Blue) Devils fan all year long) fan in the photo.  We guess it’s ok to have Team A and Team B, but even you’ll agree Vitale tends to have a Team C, D, E, F, G, and H…

Spotted at the BoSox-Devil Rays game tonight, cheering wildly for the Rays.  Is there any front-runner local team that he’s supported since the franchise’s birth this guy won’t sell his soul for?

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