An Exhaustive List Of Reactions To The Bernie Fine Allegations

Posted by mlemaire on November 22nd, 2011

Allegations that Syracuse assistant coach Bernie Fine molested two former ball boys have been in the news cycle for nearly a week now. Just enough time for interested media outlets to scour the country asking anyone and everyone who has connections to the Syracuse basketball program what they thought about Fine and his alleged misdeeds.

Fine Remains at the Center of This Controversy

The Syracuse Post-Standard – as it should be – is all over this story and has been since ESPN broke the news last week. Anyone interested in the latest news surrounding the allegations would be wise to check out their myriad of related content, especially the explanation from Executive Editor Michael Connor about why the paper never published the story in 2003 when alleged victim Bobby Davis first approached them. But they obviously aren’t the only well-connected publication, and many others have published stories including the thoughts of former players and experts – almost all of whom have come out in support of Fine.

We decided it would be worthwhile to cull together as many of these opinions as possible in one post and present them all. This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive list of the opinions, but it was an exhaustive search. All editorial content from us is meant to provide context and not opinion. Also please keep in mind these quotes were not meant to be presented as one stream of consciousness, they are a combined version of the opinions offered to the media outlets reporting on them.

Bernie Fine

In a statement publicly released on Nov. 18.

Simply put, these allegations are patently false in every aspect. The fact is these allegations have been thoroughly investigated multiple times. When evaluating the veracity of these accusations, please keep in mind that credible media outlets were approached in the past to publicize these false allegations and declined to do so. I fully cooperated with all past inquires.

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