UConn Students Take Aim at Calhoun

Posted by nvr1983 on March 7th, 2009

We’re all familiar with the Coors Light commercials where they take famous soundbytes from a press conference and parody them with random guys asking questions or making asinine statements to fit the coach’s famous quotes. Well we noticed that TheUConnBlog.com had a post featuring what appears to be a group of UConn students who tried their hand at making an amateur Coors Light commercial with the infamous Jim Calhoun press conference. We agree with the aforementioned blog that it’s not the best video, but it is a solid effort although I hope they aren’t majoring in TV Productions.

Hopefully, Calhoun will be willing to poke some fun at himself (uncertain) and take some money (definitely) from Coors Light so the professionals take a crack at this.

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