America: Meet Shay Shine, Your New Dunking Hero

Posted by rtmsf on December 5th, 2010

Back in October many of us fell in man-love with Pepperdine’s Keion Bell, as he used his transcendent hops to leap over tall buildings and a conga line of people during a Midnight Madness dunk contest.  It was beyond tremendous, but it was artificial… synthetic… contrived.

Meet Shay Shine, a 6’2 junior from High Point University.  In tonight’s game against UNC-Asheville, he received the ball on an outlet pass on the left side of the floor.  Only 6’10 sophomore DJ Cunningham stood in his way to the rim.  In a soaring foray to the goal incredibly reminiscent of the Baron Davis dunk over 7-footer Andrei Kirilenko in the 2007 NBA Playoffs, Shine polished him off.  Ridiculously.  To the point where we’re not sure if Cunningham will ever be able to show his face in the Piedmont Triangle Triad area again.

Shine’s dunk was quite clearly the top play on Saturday’s Sportscenter, and we expect to see more from him this season.  Follow him @Shineboy11 on Twitter (which he needs to update with props to himself).  We’ll be watching.

(side note: what is it with UNC-Asheville centers getting posterized in horribly emasculating ways?  Remember this one from three seasons ago?)

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Dunk of the Day: Wesley Johnson

Posted by nvr1983 on January 30th, 2010

In one of the most surprising games of the day (not counting San Francisco‘s shocking win over Gonzaga), Syracuse overcame an 18-point first half deficit at DePaul to keep their chances of being the #1 team in the country alive. The Orange used a 16-0 run late in the first half to cut that lead to 2 before going into half trailing by 4. From that point forward, the two teams engaged in a back-and-forth battle with the Blue Demons leading by 2 with 4:15 when Wesley Johnson happened.

Even though the dunk wasn’t exactly a momentum changer (Syracuse only won by 2), it is about as good of an in-game dunk as you will see. If you don’t believe us, listen to the announcer’s reaction. Even Gus Johnson would be proud of that call.

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