The RTC Podblasts: East and Midwest Regions

Posted by rtmsf on March 18th, 2014


And now, for the analysis. Welcome to the first of two posts that we will be publishing today, the contents of which will contain two regional preview RTC Podblasts each. We’ll start with a breakdown of the East Region bracket, inviting RTC national columnist Brian Otskey (@botskey) in to talk things through what appears to be a wild region with us. We follow that up with analysis of the Midwest Region bracket, inviting national columnist Walker Carey (@walkerRcarey) in to discuss a very difficult draw for #1 seed Wichita State. The full rundowns are below. Be sure to add the podcast to your lineup on iTunes so that you’ll get all of our ongoing coverage throughout the NCAA Tournament.


East Region

  • 0:00-3:31 – Virginia as a #1 Seed and Region Favorite
  • 3:34-10:25 – Which Top Seed is the Real Favorite
  • 10:25-12:25 – Providence’s Big East Run – Hitting Their Stride or Peaking Too Early?
  • 12:25-16:11 – 8/9 and 7/10 Games Preview
  • 16:11-23:10 – Potential Upsets and Darkhorses
  • 23:10-25:22 – Match-up Issues for Virginia
  • 25:22-26:40 – Dream Match Ups
  • 26:40-30:30 – Regional Games at MSG

Midwest Region

  • 0:00-4:34 – Louisville as the Real Favorite in the Midwest
  • 4:34-7:33 – UMass Prone For an Upset?
  • 7:33-13:04 – Previewing 7/10 and 8/9 Game
  • 13:04-13:53 – Conference Tournaments Impact on Midwest Region
  • 13:53-16:35 – TJ Warren and the Fightin’ NC States
  • 16:35-21:34 – Wichita State’s Realistic Expectations in this Region
  • 21:35-23:28 – Predicting an MOP in the Midwest
  • 23:28-25:49 – Most Exciting Thing About the Region
  • 25:49-28:08 – Dream Match-Ups
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