College Basketball by the Tweets: Tony Romo, #cheerfortheears, Deonte Burton, and More…

Posted by Nick Fasulo (@nickfasuloSBN) on March 11th, 2014

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Mr. Buffett may lose points for looking like a fair weather fan, counting his money in Omaha and only coming out to play when the Bluejays are on the verge of making a deep NCAA Tournament run, but any billionaire willing to be photographed with stickers on his face is cool in my book.

Joel Embiid Out For Big 12 Tournament

Like Syracuse in 2012 (Fab Melo) and Cincinnati in 2000 (Kenyon Martin), Final Four contender Kansas has lost an important big man at the worst possible time. Joel Embiid, ruled out of the Big 12 Tournament with his NCAA Tournament status unknown because of a stress fracture in his back, has offered up a handful of angles as to what it all means for Kansas. To the hot sports takes!

#cheerfortheears Reaches Its Appropriate Climax

Wichita State went undefeated through the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament, which means‘s Matt Norlander will be wearing bunny ears on the Friday night prior to the Final Four, which also means we will all be waiting for the pictures and laughing hysterically. At the very least, though, the joke has extended well beyond college basketball media circles and into the Shockers community of fans and students. Kudos to Wichita State, on both counts.

Mr. Norlander: You’ve officially made it.

Tony Romo Makes Everyone Mad With Trip to Cameron Indoor

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was front and center during Saturday’s North Carolina vs. Duke showdown in Durham on Saturday night. This is the equivalent of… oh, it is too easy;  just read the tweets.

And the best jab of all…

Deonte Burton Delivers the Dunk of the Year

There’s little arguing that Nevada’s Deonte Burton delivered the dunk of the year last week against Boise State. When the clip hit the Internet, Twitter let out a collective gasp for air.

burton dunk

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