ACC M5: 02.21.14 Edition

Posted by Matt Patton on February 21st, 2014


  1. Syracuse Post-Standard: Mike Hopkins is into advanced statistics. Specifically, he looks at rebounds per minute (a stat NBA teams look at closely to try and gauge a college player’s future potential on the blocks). He also has his own version of the player efficiency rating that he uses to scout teams and address concerns for the upcoming season. It’s interesting he chooses per-40 stats instead of the raw efficiency stats, though.
  2. Raleigh News & Observer: NC State needs a really strong showing the rest of its season to wind up in the NCAA Tournament. A weak bubble helps, but the Wolfpack need a lot of wins and don’t have a lot of time to get them. At this point, NC State is Pittsburgh-Lite in terms of resumes (essentially no horrible losses but no good wins either). They have a better RPI than resume, which is troubling (in that “you’ll count as a good win, but don’t have a good shot at making the Big Dance” kind of way). The good news is that’s a foundation that a win at Pittsburgh would help a lot with (especially with one big ACC Tournament win), but NC State is a long shot at this point.
  3. FSU News: Big administrative news out of Tallahassee, as Eric Barron will be moving to Penn State to serve as president. Barron will leave Florida State in early April. It’s a turbulent time for the school as a whole, as they look for a billion dollar capital campaign to push Florida State into the top 25 public universities in the country (Barron said he’d continue his fundraising, but it’s going to be tough to raise a billion dollars with an interim president). One interesting piece of the puzzle is Florida law, which gives state politicians much more influence in school matters than most states. This is a huge future hire from an ACC fan perspective, as things could get rocky if the future president isn’t as dedicated to the ACC as Barron(who always was a public supporter of the conference)  has been.
  4. From The Rumble Seat: Bobby Cremins and Homer Rice are being elected into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame tomorrow. Cremins was a huge part of Georgia Tech basketball’s ascension to relevance before the school pushed him out in 2000. Three years later the school reconciled with him, honoring Cremins with his name on the court. Rice was the athletic director for 17 years, and the athletic success (in football and basketball) under his tenure is a large part of the Yellow Jackets’ perceived high potential.
  5. iSportsWeb: I hate to break it to John Ernstes, but there’s no chance that Wake Forest lands Gregg Marshall. Wichita State is paying Marshall very well. While the Wake Forest job would be a moderate increase in exposure, I doubt they’ll be willing to break the bank. And he’s definitely got easier success with the Shockers than he’d have in Winston-Salem. I think Wake Forest has to aim a little lower (or at least riskier).

Oh, and North Carolina found a way to hold Duke‘s offense to no field goals in nearly 10 minutes of game time en route to a win in Chapel Hill.

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One response to “ACC M5: 02.21.14 Edition”

  1. WakeFan says:

    Hallelujah, we can actually talk coaching candidates now without being completely premature (Still a little premature, but whatev).

    I think Gregg Marshall is a long shot, but I don’t know about no shot. Three major appeals about Wake vs Wichita State: 1) Gregg Marshall is a super competitive guy, and the new look ACC will be the best conference in the nation moving forward. 2) As much as it has been misused of late, Wake should have a fantastic recruiting brand in fantastic recruiting grounds (Chris Paul? Tim Duncan? Tobacco Road?). It will be easier to build an elite program at Wake than at any job that will be open within the next 3 or so years (assuming Calipari and Self stay put). 3) Up until Wichita State, he had spent his entire life in either Virginia or the Carolinas.

    I’ve been on the Gregg Marshall train since their NIT championship. He would be a massive coup, albeit obviously pretty unlikely. I do think Wake at least tries to open it’s pocketbook wide. Wake has money; Wellman just has to actually spend it, and, as he nears retirement, he definitely wants to save face post-Bzdelik disaster. In the end, though, I’d put my money on Mike Lonergan, with top tier candidates declining to interview. Remains to be seen.

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