College Basketball by the Tweets: #WraggeBombs, South Florida Jersey Fail & More…

Posted by Nick Fasulo on January 28th, 2014

Nick Fasulo is an RTC correspondent who writes the column College Basketball By the Tweets, a look at the world of college hoops through the prism of everyone’s favorite social media platform. You can find him on Twitter @nickfasuloSBN.

Welcome back to College Basketball by the Tweets. We promise that we’re in tune with the latest social media trends and best practices, and are happy to share such sage advice to the Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball announcers, who are still in the beginning stages of understanding hashtags.

White Kid With A Flat Top Alert

This is Utah State’s Sean Harris. He’s living proof that the flat top, which has made a profound comeback since it was popular back in the 1980s, can transcend both hair and skin color.

Our only wish right now is that we could go back and time and tell former Wisconsin forward Mike Bruesewitz to pioneer this movement.

Ethan Wragge Shoots, Does Not Dribble

It was a night were you could say with complete certainty that Creighton would have defeated any college basketball team in America, and perhaps even the Milwaukee Bucks. Against the unbeaten and then No. 4 ranked Villanova Wildcats, the Bluejays nailed 21 three pointers, nine coming from forward Ethan Wragge, who needed only six minutes to knock down his first seven.

Even more eye-popping was Wragge’s made-three-pointers-to-dribbles ratio, which isn’t even remotely close to a real statistic but something that was easy to track for the reasons noted below.

Like we said, shooting > dribbling for Wragge. He takes the phrase “spot-up shooter” to a whole new meaning.

He is also is own favorite player.  This came following his incredible performance.

But in all fairness, Wragge is a cult-like player whom anyone can get behind. Unlike Marshall Henderson’s ascension to popularity last season, Wragge is a consistently dangerous offensive player who doesn’t seem to ever play outside his skill set… or irritate fans and the media.

Pat Forde Didn’t Enjoy the Purdue – Northwestern Overtime Thriller

It did feel like a (poorly played) game that wouldn’t end, but Yahoo!’s Pat Forde – who is usually quite reserved on Twitter – felt personally offended as the Boilermakers and Wildcats played into double overtime last Tuesday.

South Florida Wore Some Sneaky Ugly Uniforms

Because it wasn’t readily available to the country, not everyone was exposed and able to chime on on South Florida’s “alternate” uniforms they donned while being drubbed by Louisville. For context, this is what they woreWhat broke out what was Twitter commentary that of a movie awards pre-show.

Did I mention people thought these unis were unattractive?

And then for the real shot to the ribs…

Michigan State’s Best Spike Albrecht Chant is to Call Him Justin Bieber

Come on, Sparty, you can do better than this.

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