College Basketball By The Tweets: Will Privette, Dunk(s) of the Year, and Those Baylor Unis

Posted by Nick Fasulo on January 16th, 2013


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What were arguably the two most memorable incidents to go down in college basketball the last seven days? On the court, it was certainly the game’s final four undefeated teams falling one by one over a 96-hour span. Off the court, err, on the sidelines, it was Robert Montgomery Knight revealing his age and inability to make out the difference between the shot clock and game clock during the final moments of Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt. The most underappreciated handle on all of Twitter encapsulated it beautifully.

C.J. Leslie and his friend Will Privette

To call it heartwarming would be an understatement, but whatever it is, C.J. Leslie’s Saturday afternoon was one he will never forget. First he dropped a game high 25 points as the Wolfpack upset then top-ranked Duke, which led to this photo that should be sold as a 24″ x 48″ poster at the school’s bookstore.

But even after the final horn sounded, Leslie was still being attentive on the court, ushering a senior student in a wheelchair to safety amongst the sea of red that was stomping all over the PNC Arena court.

Yes, naturally, Will Privette’s act has gone viral. The kid is one of the most sought after interviews in sports media right now, and it’s doing wonders to his social media clout.

Brandon Paul, Anthony Bennett, Jamaal Franklin. Who ya got?

In a similar rhythm to the nation’s final four undefeated going down, it is quite possible that three of the season’s best dunks occurred minutes between each other last Wednesday night (here, here and here). I think we know the winner — a pass-off-the-backboard-to-yourself-in-transition-when-the-game-is-anything-but-decided dunk tends to rise above other nominees in these instances — but the pulse at which Twitter reacted to all three dunks was fascinating to watch unfold. All three had dozens if not hundreds of #SCtop10 nods.

Brandon Paul…

Anthony Bennett…

Jamaal Franklin…

Baylor Jerseys

As you’ve probably deduced from this weekly post, sifting through tweets from American Everymans are a great guilty pleasure of mine. For better or worse, there’s nothing better than seeing what Joe Blow has to say about the real hard-hitting issues in college basketball. Take Baylor’s modified jerseys for example. Green on green. It really stirred the pot with some of America’s most observant college basketball fans.

Totally archivable, right? There’s truly no better feature of the world wide web than Twitter’s search bar.

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