ACC Preseason Awards: All-Conference Team

Posted by ARowe on November 9th, 2012

Yesterday, we released the ACC Microsite Preseason Awards for Coach of the Year, Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year. While they did vary a bit from the ACC’s media and coaches, the four of us came to a consensus and voted Michael Snaer as the Preseason Player of the Year, Rodney Purvis as the Freshman of the Year and Jim Larranaga as the Preseason Coach of the Year. Here are our microsite Preseason First and Second Team All-ACC selections.

Preseason First Team All-ACC

Plumlee Is a Unanimous Selection (US Presswire/M. Stringer)

Ethan Mann

  • Michael Snaer, Lorenzo Brown, Mason Plumlee, James Michael McAdoo, Reggie Johnson

Kellen Carpenter

  • Michael Snaer, Lorenzo Brown, Mason Plumlee, CJ Harris, Erick Green

Matt Patton

  • Michael Snaer, Lorenzo Brown, Mason Plumlee, James Michael McAdoo, Reggie Johnson

Adam Rowe

  • Michael Snaer, Lorenzo Brown, Mason Plumlee, James Michael McAdoo, CJ Harris

As you can see, the first three picks were unanimous as Michael Snaer, Lorenzo Brown and Mason Plumlee were selected by every member of the writing team here. For some reason, Matt declined to include Plumlee in the results for Player of the Year, as he had the award split between Michael Snaer and Lorenzo Brown. Regardless, both players have proven more thus far in their careers, so either pick would’ve likely won the award over the senior center from Duke. James Michael McAdoo showed up on three lists, and could very easily be the best player in the conference by year’s end. CJ Harris and Reggie Johnson also got two nods, and if their teams are going to make any noise this season, they will both have to have the kind of years that would earn this this kind of recognition. Erick Green,Virginia Tech’s stellar point guard, is in a similar situation.

Preseason Second Team All-ACC

CJ Leslie is a Unanimous Second Teamer (AP)

Ethan Mann

  • CJ Leslie, Reggie Bullock, Ryan Kelly, Alex Len, Erick Green

Kellen Carpenter

  • CJ Leslie, Reggie Bullock, Joe Harris, Travis McKie, Kenny Kadji

Matt Patton

  • CJ Leslie, Reggie Bullock, Nick Faust, CJ Harris, Ryan Anderson

Adam Rowe

  • CJ Leslie, Nick Faust, Ryan Kelly, Ian Miller, Erick Green

Surprisingly, none of us picked CJ Leslie to be on the first team. I don’t have as much faith in him being able to improve his game this year as much as I do with Lorenzo Brown, and I think Brown will steal some votes away from Leslie. He is, however, a unanimous second team selection. Reggie Bullock was picked by the other three writers, as they clearly have more confidence in his ability to get consistent minutes this year to put up numbers that would earn him a place on the second team. No other player earned more than one vote on this list other than Ryan Kelly, whose absence in Duke’s offense last year was glaring down the stretch.

Honorable Mentions

Ethan Mann

  • Kenny Kadji, Travis McKie, Ian Miller, Durand Scott

Kellen Carpenter

  • Durand Scott, Reggie Johnson, James Padgett, Jimmy Mike McAdoo

Matt Patton

  • Kenny Kadji, Ryan Kelly, Alex Len, Ian Miller

Adam Rowe

  • Kenny Kadji, Mfon Udofia, Dez Wells, Alex Len
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One response to “ACC Preseason Awards: All-Conference Team”

  1. WakeFan says:

    Travis is primed for a big step forward. Tighter handle, better jump shot, and he’ll actually spend almost all of his minutes at his natural position on offense (will be interested to see where we put him on defense since he just doesn’t match up well on that end of the court). I think he’ll be 2nd or 3rd team. CJ will be 1st or 2nd. Had the numbers for it last year, but I think this team will be enough improved (on offense anyway) that people start paying a bit more attention to him.

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