NCAA Tournament Tidbits: 03.15.12 Edition

Posted by Brian Goodman on March 15th, 2012

The NCAA Tournament is here and there’s more news, commentary and analysis than any of us can possibly keep up with. To make things a little easier, we’ll bring you a list of daily links gathered about teams in each of the four regions all the way through the Final Four.


  • LIU Brooklyn coach Jim Ferry isn’t backing down from the mighty Michigan State Spartans. While it’s nice to see a mid-major steer away from the “happy to be here” angle, it’ll be interesting to see how long the Blackbirds can stick with Draymond Green and company.
  • In many of its losses, Michigan has shown an inability to bounce back from early deficits. A hot start would do wonders for the Wolverines’ confidence as they get ready for Ohio tomorrow night.
  • Georgetown‘s outgoing class of seniors has yet to taste the satisfaction of an NCAA Tournament win. For such a storied program, this is a surprising distinction and could be the motivating factor in toppling Belmont to quell upset talk.
  • Many expected last night’s battle between South Florida and Cal to be all about defense, but no one expected South Florida to get the job done with the offensive efficiency it displayed on Wednesday, writes’s Jeff Borzello.
  • Creighton respects the defensive ability of its second round opponent, Alabama. There’s a very good chance that tomorrow afternoon’s matchup will be a classic battle between the unstoppable force in the Bluejays’ offense versus the immovable object in the Crimson Tide’s defense.


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