Big 12 Morning Five: 03.02.12 Edition

Posted by dnspewak on March 2nd, 2012

  1. As if Fred Hoiberg needs any more recognition in Ames, fans can now refer to The Mayor as a member of the National High School Hall of Fame. The organization announced it will induct him in the Class of 2012, making him one of 12 new Hall of Famers. Hoiberg’s playing career at Iowa State and in the NBA is well-documented, but it appears he was a pretty darn good high school player too. He won a Mr. Basketball award in Iowa in 1991, averaging nearly 30 points a game. For as many accomplishments as this guy has already in his career, it’s amazing to consider how his legend will grow if this whole coaching thing works out.
  2. We still have one weekend remaining of regular season games in the Big 12, but it’s not too far ahead to look at the Big 12 Tournament. Once again, Kansas City will be the host, and the city has become a mecca of sorts for college hoops in the Midwest. Even with Missouri’s move to the SEC, the city is situated in a market near Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Wichita State. If only we could all have moved to KC for the season.
  3. Perhaps then we’d be able to see Tyshawn Taylor more often. The Kansas senior will make his final appearance at Allen Fieldhouse on Senior Day this weekend. If you know anything about Taylor’s career, then you know why this Senior Day has extra emotion to it. Until this season, Taylor struggled to excel to his potential on the court, often butting heads with coach Bill Self. And off the court, Taylor had skirmishes with the football team and social media, making him an obvious target for opposing fans. In the end, though, Taylor figured out how to become a star as a senior. On Senior Day, he’ll get a warm applause from thankful Jayhawk fans for sticking out an up-and-down career.
  4. These days, it’s trendy to call Perry Jones “soft” or “overrated.” That’s what fans and writers do– they make judgments, and they are often relentless. ESPN’s Jason King tries to consider the Jones story from the other side, though. What’s it like to be the next basketball god at such an early age? It has to be difficult for Jones, who by all accounts is a good guy with a good attitude. It’s hard to call his story a “tragedy” because he’ll soon make millions of dollars, but we don’t envy his position.
  5. That’s why Rob Dauster over at NBC Sports is rooting for Jones. It’s nice to see at least one member of the blogosphere show some sympathy. Writers have attacked Jones for two years now, and they won’t stop when he reaches the pro ranks. There are absolutely some criticisms of his game that deserve attention, but he has become the classic victim-of-his-own-success case.
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