ACC Tournament Seating Chart Released: Sorry Miami and Boston College

Posted by mpatton on February 23rd, 2012

The 2012 ACC Tournament seating chart was released today. School sections rotate every year, which is why North Carolina finds itself in the end zone and Duke sits at nearly center court. One unfortunate side effect is that Georgia Tech, which plays many of its home games at Philips Arena, is stuck in the opposite end zone. I know the Yellow Jackets aren’t going to make up the majority of fans, but still.

The 2012 ACC Tournament Seating Chart

Another thing you might notice is the sections don’t appear to be the same size. Namely, Miami and Boston College have basically no seats. Combined Miami and Virginia Tech barely match Florida State‘s section, which should be the exact same seat-wise. The Eagles get what looks like about the equivalent of one third of the Duke section. That said, I will be shocked if Boston College or Miami comes anywhere close to filling their respective sections.

The ACC Tournament starts in two weeks. I’m already excited.

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