In Their Own Words, SEC Style: Inaugural Chapter

Posted by Brian Joyce on January 19th, 2012

In Their Own Words will be a regular feature on the SEC Microsite that will explore tweets, quotes, videos or any other type of media outlet where players or coaches choose to communicate.

Ole Miss – Mississippi State

The Egg Bowl rivalry has created some good ole-fashioned trash-talking from some of the players involved. Mississippi State’s Dee Bost had this to say about the game:

@DBost3: We in Oxford tomorrow lol

LOL indeed, Dee. Oxford… Laughing out loud. But I guess in retrospect, playing in Tad Smith Coliseum is no laughing matter. It seems like Bost waged war with the Rebels with that comment, but then later he was ready to call a truce. Sort of:

Dee Bost added fuel to the fire in an already hostile rivalry against Ole Miss

@DBost3: I wish these ole miss ppl stop tweeting me damn get a life

State’s Arnett Moultrie chose not to get involved with the pre-game banter, instead focusing on more important issues:

@moneybaggz23: What’s for lunch??

Ole Miss forward Murphy Holloway was concerned about how the Rebels would guard Moultrie:

(Moultrie) goes hard every play. He goes hard to the boards. If you read the stat lines, he averages a double-double. But most of them are on put-backs. It’s the same pace the whole game, not taking plays off.

However, Holloway was less concerned about Renardo Sidney’s impact on the game:

Both me and Reggie or whoever else comes off the bench can guard him.

Sidney’s 17 points and nine rebounds on Wednesday night will surely warrant more attention from the Rebels’ big men next time around. But this time, Ole Miss got the best of the Bulldogs with a 75-68 win.

Anthony Davis

It’s not all Mississippi State and Ole Miss around here though. ESPN’s Chad Ford was giving out some love to future NBA lottery pick Anthony Davis:

27 points, 15 rebounds, 7 blocks, 10-for-12 from the field is about as close as you get. I know some fans are concerned about his lack of strength and raw offensive abilities. But on the defensive end, he’ll be a monster at the next level. And … I think this is very important … he’s a good kid, a hard worker and plays with a great motor all the time. Very few big men have all of that. I think Marcus Camby is his floor. He could be much better than Camby because I think he can be a 4 at the next level.

Davis’ play has a lot of basketball minds taking notice, and he’s the first thing opposing players think about when playing Kentucky. At least according to Davis:

I know they’re definitely thinking about it when they come in the hole and they’ve got to shoot the ball. It’s definitely in their mind – where’s Anthony Davis?

Davis’ blocking abilities have helped the Cats to play aggressively and take chances on defense. Arkansas guard Mardracus Wade recounts a conversation he overheard from Davis that details what the Wildcats are able to do with him patrolling the middle:

I went down there one time and he just told his guys, ‘Just bring him in here, I’m going to block everything.’ When you have a guy that plays with that kind of mindset, he lets you play with that type of relief on your shoulder knowing that you have guy like that down there that’s going to help his team out like that.

Kentucky coach John Calipari is normally hard to please, but Davis’ play has everyone gushing, including his coach:

Now all of a sudden you make any kind of mistake, and we’re throwing it to him and he’s dunking the ball. That’s a tough one to deal with. So on both ends he does it, and he’s getting better. He’s making free throws. He’s making jumpers. You’re seeing more of his game.

We’ll be on the lookout for more interesting, funny or noteworthy quotes or videos from around the SEC. If you see something interesting, send it our way on Twitter (@bjoyce_hoops).

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