ESPNU Pac-12 Logo Tournament: Quarterfinals

Posted by Connor Pelton on November 9th, 2011

One round is complete in the ESPNU Pac-12 Logo Tourney, and Colorado, Arizona State, Washington, and Washington State have all advanced to the quarterfinals. They will meet the top four seeds who received byes for the first round. So, make sure to vote for your favorite and come back on Friday to see the semifinal matchups. Here we go!

#9 Colorado vs #1 Oregon State

Connor’s thoughts: I still don’t get what all the fuss with the Buffalo is about, but apparently I’m in the minority there. The Beaver is awesome for the little things: The gnawed off wood that says “ESPN” on it, the buck teeth, the little pool of water it’s in. ESPN really showed some creativity and effort there, so I’m taking the Beaver.

Drew’s thoughts: OSU is our number one seed, and while that’s a cool logo, the Buffalo looks a little more intimidating. Welcome to the Pac-12 Colorado…

#5 Arizona State vs #4 USC

Connor’s thoughts: Upset alert! Okay, this isn’t much of an upset, but I’m taking the Sun Devil with an easy victory. The Trojan has a lot going on, but none of it looks great. The Devil is like half old-school ASU and half new-school, and with the pitchfork and charred ESPN logo, I think it wins easily.

Drew’s thoughts: Another tough battle, and as cool as that SC logo is, it’s just not the same without Traveler. The Sun Devil gets the nod.

#7 Washington vs #2 UCLA

Connor’s thoughts: Really no contest here. Everything about the Bruin is cool: The paw prints, the flattened football, the growling mouth, it’s all great.

Drew’s thoughts: Can we just have these two teams battle on the hardwood to decide this one? The Husky has had a nice run, but that Bruin logo crushes it like it did the football.

#11 Washington State vs #3 Stanford

Connor’s thoughts: The 11th-seeded Cougar comes into this game as our Cinderella after knocking off the #6 Wildcat. I could definitely see it winning this matchup, but I think the Tree edges (or is it hedges?) it out because of the solid hat.

Drew’s thoughts: The Cougar was fortunate to get through the opening round. No such luck this time: Tree!

That’s it! Make sure to vote and check back Friday for the semifinal matchups!

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